Captain My Captain by Walt Whitman

This poem filled my mind with great memories snd make think of my loved ones who are now Angels. I am still feeling the connection. In my opinion, I can say that peopleare physically dead be we can keep them in our mind alive as long as we want them to be part of our lives. Father and I had different character. We had the same interest such as reading, watching news, assisting on conference-debates. We had the same taste but we were hardly shared our opinion.

This was because of me, I was very shy when I was a teenager. That makes our relationship” very special” and I miss it deeply. We did many things together that help us to become good friend such as driving. When I was 19 year old, my captain taught to drive and new situations always make me bit nervous, and my first drive was no exception. Things were not quite easy for me, but my captain was very patient.

This driving session brought us very close to each other because I could not avoid him like I used to do before. I had at least 6 hours a week for my driving lesson.

My late father there for me every time I needed him. When I started the University, he was driving me to school like a little girl who starts a kindergarden. I was not the only child in the house but I was so special. Life then was stress free because everything has been taking care of me.

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My only sadness is that my son will never meet his grandfather spending time together, playing around, but I know even from Heaven he is watching over us. He is now my angel and he is very proud of me because I am following his paths.

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