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Essay on A Historical Event

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A Historical Event, The Battle of Bunker Hill

Also, the Battle of Bunker Hill had great impact on the force assessment on the British. Before that, the British always treated the colonial troops as a group of mobs. They prepared the war lightly: Gage delayed the chance to attack the colonial troops to after sunrise and he also ordered his soldiers to attack the colonial troops frontally. Even Clinton, who proposed the “outflanking tactics...

The Yalta Conference During World War 2

Sure the Russians received more benefits, but they were also the ones that suffered the most damaging effects of the war. By all means the Soviets will do better in the Conference, because they were involved more. President Roosevelt was sick, but that did not get in the way of his better judgment when helping out his friend Winston Churchill. It was with his strategic diplomacy that members of th...

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The Tokugawa Shogunate Downfall in History

This loss of control of the populace through all classes and the increasing presence the western world eventually proved too much and allowed the Satsuma and Choshu opposing clans to restore imperial administration. This led after some minor warfare to the resignation of the last Shogun. I think we can determine from this slice of history that a ridged government does not necessary cause things to...

Geneva Conventions

For Magen David Adom there was a nice alternative – the Red Crystal, so they should’ve just displayed it in the context of international conflict to have all protection needed. All three emblems are appointed the same legal status, which means they are totally equal. Emblems can have a protective use, as well as an indicative use. Medical and religious personnel may mark themselves, their vehi...

The Hippie Movement

So, we’re left with asking ourselves a question. If something so simple as changing the way we dress, the way we treat each other and the way we view the world, what’s stopping us from doing that today but just on a larger scale? Perhaps tackling world hunger, or bullying. It was truly amazing how popular this style caught on, and that it lasted a full decade. Imagine a world where everybody h...

Invisible Empire

During the mob violence not a policeman was in sight (Lewis 147). Years later, testimony before the U. S. Congress revealed that local Klan leaders received a promise from the Birmingham police that their mob would be given ample time to freely attack the passengers before the police would intervene (Lewis 147). The Klan had once again infiltrated the state governmental system gaining them freedom...

The Pilgrimage of Grace

Overall, the Pilgrimage of Grace of 1536 was an important historical event during the reign of King Henry VIII, where there were both participants and opposition for the movement. Participants strove to reinstate the Catholic Church and were concerned about the economic impacts of losing monasteries, while opposition of the pilgrimage had a goal of punishing people associated with the movement and...

Important Parts In History

Ratification of Pinckney’s Treaty came quickly. It was immensely popular, especially among westerners eager to use the Mississippi River to transport their crops to the market. “Jay’s Treaty”, “The Whisky Rebellion” and “Pinckney’s Treaty” are very important parts of the Domestic Politics during the 1700’s. About every person in America has been taught these three important par...

The Varied Value of Land

The current era of Tribal Self-Determination beginning when the Indian Civil Rights Act enacted in 1968 does acknowledge Euro-American infringement on Indian lands. Government interventions and enforcement, whether or not serving in the best interest of sovereign Indian Nations, has not sought to return these Indian Nations to a state of a being a harmonious civilization that can be described as a...

Causes of the Stock Market Crash of 1929

These banks who dishonestly spent their clients’ money were the firsts to close when the stock market crumpled. When people saw that banks were closing this caused more and more to panic about their money. These people, who were afraid to lose their life savings, immediately flocked to their banks to withdraw the rest of their money. The immediate withdrawal of money closed more and more banks u...

Spanish: Philippine Revolution and Spain

The peace under the Pact of Piak-Na-Bato did not last long due to mistrust between rebels and Spanish government. The Filipinos were suspicious of the Spaniards and did not surrender all their weapons. the Spaniards also failed to fulfill their promises. the Spanish Authorities resumed arresting rebels and their sympahtizers. Soon fighting between Spanish and Filipino forces erupted in various par...

Portuguese Expansion and Colonialism

The Portuguese had already established themselves in trade which required therefore that they build harbors on which their merchant boats and ship could dock as they brought home the spices and even the slaves from Africa. The Portuguese definitely discovered that the ocean had immense advantages and therefore exploited it to their advantage. Through the use of the sea they traveled to distant lan...

The Berlin Wall

Today, although there is barely anything left of the Berlin Wall besides what is left as memorials of that horrible event, the scares of those 28 years are still “fresh” to those who had to go through or even witness that kind of torture. It is hard for us to truly imagine what life was like during that time. Having your town, city, state split straight down the middle, separated from friends,...

Muslims Christianity

The third Crusades goal was to recapture Jerusalem. It was led by three of Europe's most powerful monarchs. The three powerful monarchs are Phillip the second, emperor Frederick the first and Richard the Lion-Hearted. Phillip argues with Barbarossa, Barbarossa then drowned on the way so Richard lead the Crusaders to regain the Holy Land of Saladin. Richard and Saladin were both good warriors, so t...

Battle of Hamburger Hill as a Historical Event

Although his estimate of the enemy strength was incorrect, his miscalculation was not immediately apparent to him or to any of the American leadership. It took three days of assaults by Bravo and Charlie Companies, each bloodily repulsed, before the situation became clearer. The enemy was stronger than anticipated, much stronger than company strength, and he grew more powerful every night as he re...

Ancient Greek Origin of Historiography

In 2001, Lebow wrote a paper called Thucydides the Constructionist. He argued Thucydides is both a realist and a constructionist. He ends his article with this warning that materialists who are usually realists have a shallow interpretation of Thucydides and as constructionists they need to deliberately avoid the same mistakes. Also, Bury wrote about Herodotus. He writes, Herodotus gives us panora...

Significance of Treaty of Versailles for German History

As a result, in the long term the Treaty was also significant because extremist groups attempted to gain power. Despite the Treaty posing seemingly harsh terms at the time, the majority of these were defying or changed so therefore not being as significant as people thought it to be at the time. The Great Depression lead to the cancellation of reparations payments in 1932. The Allies evacuated the...

Causes of French Revolution

France's ipopulation ihad ichanged iconsiderably isince i1614. iThe inon-aristocratic imembers iof ithe iThird iEstate inow irepresented i98 ipercent iof ithe ipeople ibut icould istill ibe ioutvoted iby ithe iother itwo ibodies. In ithe ilead-up ito ithe iMay i5 imeeting, ithe iThird iEstate ibegan ito imobilize isupport ifor iequal irepresentation iand ithe iabolishment iof ithe inoble iveto in ...

My Lifestyle and Historical Events in the Past

A few weeks ago the Americans attacked Iraq because they were trying to take over somewhere else. They have been using cruise missiles but Nucleur weapons have been banned from all warfare. Electric cars have been invented but they are still very slow although they are getting faster. Solar panels are being used but they are still very expensive and you need a lot of them to make a decent amount o...

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