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As the bells of the Old Brick, Brattle Street, and Old South churches sounded throughout the town, hundreds of citizens gathered in the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, on the evening of March 5, 1770. The ringing of the church bells gathered the outpouring citizens around the sentry post outside the customhouse on King Street. There, a group of youths were taunting a British sentry named Private Hugh White, pelting him with snowballs and other small items.1 The assaults against Private…...
Boston Massacre
John Adams’ Imaginary Letter to Che Guevara
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Dear, Che Guevara Greetings, my name is John Adams. To give you a brief background about me, I am America's second president that I served for four years. I am a federalist. Before my presidency, I was associated with the establishment of the nation. I have played many roles, such as the American revolution, the production of the alien and sedition acts, the Boston Massacre, and the failures of my presidency. I did so many critical duties for my country…...
Boston MassacreFidel CastroGovernmentJohn Adams
The Colonists and the British Government
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Introduction King George III of England replaced Prime Minister Rockingham with William Pitt.  Pitt was popular in colonies having opposed the stamp Act that oppressed the colonists as he believed that the colonists also needed to be entitled to the rights as the English citizens. But when Pitt became sick, he was replaced by Charles Townshend at the helm of the government. Townshend was however not very concerned with the plight of the colonists as his predecessor, but he was…...
Abigail AdamsBoston MassacreGovernmentPoliticsThe Stamp Act
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American Revolution, Market Driven or Not
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Was the American Revolution largely a product of market-driven consumer forces? The American Revolution paved the way for democratic rule in nations and ignited the spreading thereof throughout the whole world. Yet events that led up the start of the revolution have been mixed in their significance by historians. Both historians, Carl Degler and T.H. Breen agree that the British mercantile system had benefited the colonists, allowing them to have comfortable lifestyles. Madaras L, SoRelle J (2011) An argument of…...
American RevolutionBoston MassacreBoston Tea Party
The American Revolution And The British Revolution
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The American Revolution, which was the strive of the colonial america to obtain independence, should have really been called, The British Revolution, for it was the British who brought upon the actions that made the final separation between the colonies and Great Britain. The colonies wanted to separate from the British because of the unfair demands and taxes they gave from 1763 through 1776. There were various problems for the colonists; politically, economically, religiously, and socially. Following the French and…...
American RevolutionBoston MassacreBoston Tea PartyPoliticsThe French And Indian WarThe Stamp Act
Arithmetic Coding for Images
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Keywords: data compression, arithmetic coding, Wavelet-based algorithms Abstract. Data compression is a common requirement for most of the computerized applications. There are number of data compression algorithms, which are dedicated to compress different data formats. Even for a single data type there are number of different compression algorithms, which use different approaches. This paper examines lossless data compression algorithm “Arithmetic Coding” In this method, a code word is not used to represent a symbol of the text. Instead it uses…...
Boston Massacre
Bleeding Kansas
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Before the Civil War, the territory of Kansas was unsettled as a slave state or a free state. This caused a conflict over who should settle this territory, right before the Civil War. This conflict was also called “Bleeding Kansas”. Later on, popular sovereignty, played a key role before the Civil War. The Kansas Territory became the center of attention in the battle between North and South over expanding slavery into the territories. Those southerners who voted for the Kansas-Nebraska…...
Boston MassacreCivil WarHistoryPoliticsSlavery
DBQ on identity and unity of the colonies
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The revolutionary war was a fine example of unity and a great sense of identity. During, the revolutionary era there were many examples of colonial unity as a group and as a soon to be country. The strength of the revolution was dependent on their unity. The colonists had a strong sense identity and unity by the eve of the revolutionary war. The identity of the colonists was showed in many ways throughout history. The colonists wanted to be a…...
Boston MassacreIdentityUnity
Thomas Paine “The American Crisis” Analysis
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Thomas Paine was famous for his political writings advocating the revolution. His rhetorical document The American Crisis was very persuasive and influential. Some of Paine’s political ideas were praised and some were argued, and his views on religion made him an outcast. The American Crisis was a valuable work informing the American people that they owed no loyalty to Britain and would only survive if all ties were to be severed completely. His writing was a major force behind the…...
AmericaBoston MassacreBoston Tea PartyPoliticsThomas Paine
How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?
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How revolutionary was the American Revolution? The American Revolution impacted and changed our history. A few memorable events that took place during the American Revolution are The Boston Massacre, The Tax Act, and the Boston Tea Party. Due to the extreme changes in political, social, and economical areas, the American Revolution was mainly a radical change. The American Revolution changed radically because of the ending of slavery, the women being looked at as they are equal to men, and the…...
American RevolutionBoston MassacreBoston Tea PartyJohn Adams
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How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?
...I believe that the American Revolution was revolutionary. The word revolutionary means to evolve or to change. The Thirteen Colonies winning the war caused a huge impact. They spread equality throughout and had many amendments made. The Constitution ...

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