Exploring Courage in "Code Name Verity"

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"Code Name Verity," a gripping novel set during the Second World War, delves into the themes of courage, bravery, and heroism in the face of adversity. The narrative showcases a plethora of characters who exhibit remarkable acts of valor. This essay aims to analyze the courage displayed by three central characters: Lady Julia Lindsey, Maddie, and Anna Engel, and determine who among them emerges as the most courageous. By examining their actions and motivations, we can gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of courage within the context of the novel.

Lady Julia Lindsey: Fearless Pursuit of Espionage

Lady Julia Lindsey, also known as Julie, stands out as a beacon of courage in the story. Hailing from an aristocratic family, Julie's decision to join England's Secret Service despite her privileged background underscores her unwavering commitment to her convictions (Wein 43). She openly professes her love for espionage, even glorifying it as 'the great game.' This fervent passion for danger is evident in her thrill-seeking activities, such as parachute jumps from airplanes.

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Julie's unapologetic embrace of espionage sets her apart from the rest, demonstrating her remarkable courage.

Julia's resilience is further highlighted by her fearless attitude toward her tormentors. Despite the risks of retaliation, she maintains a feisty demeanor, often engaging in verbal sparring with her Nazi captors. Her audacity is exemplified when she taunts von Linden, a cruel Nazi commander, suggesting that he missed a "rather good show" by being absent during her torture (Wein 49). Even during her time on death row, she flirts with some of her German captors, refusing to succumb to fear.

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Julia's unwavering defiance, coupled with her determination to resist her captors, showcases her extraordinary courage.

Furthermore, Julia's audacious assertion that her very name is an act of defiance against Hitler underscores her fearless spirit. Her best friend, Maddie, describes her as daft, generous, and brave, providing additional validation of her remarkable courage.

Maddie: Courage through Self-Sacrifice

Maddie, while distinct from Julia in certain aspects, also exhibits remarkable courage throughout the narrative. Unlike Julia, Maddie's path to espionage is marked by hard work and determination, proving her worthiness over time (Wein 32). Her approach to life may appear more somber and levelheaded, but it by no means diminishes her courage.

In April 1943, Maddie's courage shines through when she takes control of an aircraft without authorization, showcasing her defiance of the military chain of command. Her audacious act challenges conventional norms, especially considering that women were only beginning to be accepted in professional military roles. Six months later, faced with a damaged aircraft, she chooses to fly Julia to an intelligence gathering mission when Julia's designated pilot becomes unavailable. Maddie allows Julia to parachute to safety, remaining alone to control the impending crash. This act of self-sacrifice and bravery demonstrates Maddie's commitment to her mission and her friend.

One of the most poignant displays of Maddie's courage occurs in December 1943 when she is confronted with an impossible decision: to end her best friend's suffering. While leading a mission to rescue Julia from the Gestapo, the plan goes awry, resulting in Julia being wounded in the crossfire. Julia implores Maddie to end her life to spare her from further torture by the Gestapo. Despite the heart-wrenching circumstances, Maddie remains composed and fulfills her friend's request. This act of mercy, though agonizing, reflects Maddie's unwavering courage and selflessness.

Anna Engel: Silent Resilience and Defiance

Anna Engel, initially introduced with shades of villainy, reveals herself as a character of remarkable courage (Wein 120). Her covert collaboration with Julia and her efforts to deceive other Gestapo officers demonstrate her silent resilience and defiance against the oppressive regime. Anna willingly tarnishes her own reputation and endures ill-treatment to maintain the charade of torturing Julia. Despite Julia's hostility and derogatory remarks towards her, Anna remains resolute in her mission.

Anna's ability to masquerade as a Gestapo officer and bury her contempt for the regime exemplifies her silent but profound courage. She plays a crucial role in undermining the Gestapo's operations and ultimately contributes to Julia's rescue. Anna's brand of heroism, marked by her willingness to operate behind the scenes, offers a unique perspective on courage within the narrative.

Comparing Courage: Julie, Maddie, and Anna Engel

When comparing the courage displayed by Julie, Maddie, and Anna Engel, it becomes evident that each character embodies a distinct form of valor. Julia's fearless pursuit of espionage and her unwavering defiance in the face of danger highlight her as an exemplar of courage. Maddie's self-sacrifice, audacity, and ability to make agonizing decisions underscore her remarkable bravery. Anna Engel's silent resilience and covert defiance reveal a different facet of heroism.

Julia's courage stands out as unparalleled, as she fearlessly confronts danger and embraces espionage with unparalleled zeal. Her audacity, even in the face of certain death, sets her apart from the rest. Maddie's courage, while different in nature, is equally commendable, characterized by her selfless acts and unwavering commitment to her mission and her friend. Anna Engel's silent resilience and defiance, though distinct, contribute significantly to the narrative's exploration of courage.


"Code Name Verity" weaves a rich tapestry of courage through its complex characters, each representing a unique facet of heroism. While Julia, Maddie, and Anna Engel each display exceptional bravery, it is Lady Julia Lindsey who emerges as the embodiment of fearlessness and audacity. Her unrelenting pursuit of espionage, coupled with her defiance in the face of danger, solidify her status as the most courageous character in the novel. Maddie's self-sacrifice and unwavering commitment to her mission are equally commendable, while Anna Engel's silent resilience offers a different perspective on heroism. In the end, "Code Name Verity" reminds us that courage takes various forms, all deserving of recognition and admiration.

Updated: Nov 02, 2023
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Exploring Courage in "Code Name Verity" essay
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