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A College I Choose and My Educational Goals

The degree programs which I choose to pursue is an Associate of Arts with a concentration on Community and Human Services and eventually continue on to a higher level studies to a Bachelor’s of Science degree also with a concentration in Community and Human Services. My registered area of study is Community and Human Services with great interest in Case manager and I hope to explore relationships with human beings’ needs and values. I hope to also learn how to obtain and enhance values, knowledge and skills necessary to understand and contribute to the development.

Before beginning to develop my program I checked two college catalogs where Human Services is taught, one was New York City Tech where in order to achieve an Associate of Arts degree in Human Service the required courses include child psychology and counseling methods, and the BMCC there is introduction to human services and introduction to sociology. I also interviewed a case manager, who gave me an idea for what her job entails, working with clients in problem-solving situations.

I have always had the desire to further my studies and to gain the necessary knowledge in a field that I felt passionate about.

Community development, caring for the elderly, and helping in problem-solving was things I always enjoyed doing. Therefore, pursuing a degree in Community and Human Services at Empire State College is the program I want to explore because it meets all my needs. In order for me to attain my degree ,I must complete 64 credits, 36 in my area of studies includes History of social welfare, case management, clinical interviewing skills, child therapy & counseling skills and working with HIV/AIDS clients and their families, which I know would broaden and add depth to my education.

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Twenty eight credits would be general education of which Math and Basic communication is compulsory, in addition I would pursue Spanish, Europe and its impact on the world. I am employed with a non-profit organization which provides services such as counseling, housing and various programs for people with disabilities and substance abuse problems.

On a daily basic, I deal with a wide variety of clients who have been homeless from a few days to many years. My job is to assist in providing services such as educational programs, incarcerated or being addicted to drugs. Sometimes, when I hear how it all began for some of them and their desire to have a better life, I wish I had more expertise and knowledge to do more for them.

He challenges of working in this environment can be very rewarding when one has the right tools to work with. So far, I have been able to develop my communication skills as well as expand in human relations. Because of these experiences, my desire to gain more knowledge in the field of Human Services has grown stronger. I chose Empire State College because their curriculum has the necessary foundation and tools for me to accomplish my goals.

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