How to write an essay plan?

Essay writing is considered to be a creative task; everything needed is a good imagination and extensive vocabulary. You also have to do some research, if the theme is not familiar, and the success is guaranteed. Academic writing is not as easy as it might seem; it also has strict rules, and non-compliance with the demands may cost you a high score. If you are a well-read person, but without experience, the task can be difficult because the work has to be within narrow limits of essay constructions.

First of all, clarify all the requirements. Even general volume of the paper could have a great importance while creating a plan. You need to collect all the necessary information and decide how many words per each point should be written. If you do not pay attention to it, you could face such a problem as lack of ideas to finish your essay. Kind of paper determines the style. Some students are well-experienced in narrative writing, and scientific type of work can be a burdensome task for them.

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Ask your professor about the number of sources and citations which are needed for your paper. This will give you an idea how to manage the time because writing is not usually as time-consuming as research and studying.

Arguments are the most important point in the essay because they prove the writer’s opinion and make readers agree with his or her statement. Think about how to plan an essay, and already on this stage of work you can find out some arguments, which will sound reasonably in your paper.

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To create a scheme, you have to learn in which style it must be implemented, how many sources you should use, what is the main idea, thesis, and method of citations.

How to write an essay plan?

The task of an essay is to prove some statement through reflection and argumentation. Reasonability of your paper depends on how you prove your point of view.To organise the writing process, figure out as much as possible about the thesis of your research, why this topic needs attention, and why the arguments will bring you a high score. Draw your essay template, which helps to visualise the paper structure. For instance, at the top or the middle of the sheet write the thesis; draw arrows to the main statements, and then to the arguments. Highlight the most important points or write them in a different colour, put the numbers which should be presented primarily.


Determine the theme of your essay as clear as possible. You have to know which issue will be the object of the study. Without the clear understanding, it is not possible to find sound arguments. The success of the work depends directly on your awareness of the topic.


What did you decide on this theme? Why does this topic important for you and readers?If the topic is relevant, each part of the essay plan will be easy to describe, and all the information will cause the interest of your professor.


Use reliable literature; do not rely on suspicious web-sites. The more you learn about the subject, the easier it is to find evidence to prove your statements. You can mention names of researchers that studied this issue and represent their ideas as arguments.

All types of essays have the same structure. The author starts with an introduction, where the thesis is presented, then several paragraphs of a body, and conclusion, which sums everything up. As well, there can be required the title page and list of references.


The introduction is used to start the consideration on the thesis. It should draw attention and prepare readers for the presentation of information. The logic of your arguments largely depends on how you chose to outline the most important issues at the beginning of your essay.


Collect all the information and evidence, which you want to provide in the paper, and divide them into main ideas. Each of these notions can be represented with a separate point of the plan. Every paragraph should be connected to the issues, which are written in the introduction, though they have to differ from each other.


This is the last part of the paper, and you have to sum up everything written. If you have come up with some inference, describe it, but do not add any new information.

Essay plan example:

Thesis: Dreams are a reflection of everyday experiences in our psyche.

Introduction: Do dreams always have objective psychological reasons? (100 words)


Paragraph #1 What is a dream? Psychological base. (200 words)

Paragraph #2 Function of dreams. (300-400 words)

  1. Function of processing and storing of information; creation of models for the development of expected events.
  2. Spiritistic theory: function of predicting the future and the probability of its existence.

Paragraph #3 Sigmund Freud’s interpretation of dreams. (200 words)


Disproving spiritistic theory. The need for further research. (100 words)


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