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How to write a band 6 essay?

Paper type: Essay
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Essay writing is not an ordinary academic task; it is also another way to show your inner world, demonstrate the train of thought and how you come to conclusions. If your vocabulary is rich and you like to share the opinion, this task will not be burdensome for you. However, some students cannot deal with it easily; they do not like creative work and feel more comfortable with math problems. Writing exhausts and takes much time, but still, it is an integral part of studying.

Good news is that you can get experience. After a dozen of essays, you have a habitual plan of work, and the work process becomes polished up and easy.

The style, vocabulary and unusual thoughts make the essay great, but do not forget about the carcass, which are the structure, thesis, and statements. Band 6 is the highest score you can get, which is equal to 90-100 points. You will have it if the task is implemented according to the criteria.

There are several types of writings. One of the most difficult tasks students can face is discovery essay. The author should confront some issues, which will lead to a new sense of the main theme. In the first paragraph of your discovery HSC essay, write about your inspiration to choose this topic. You need to have your own idea about the subject of the essay. From the very beginning, write the main thesis, which will be explored in work. You can refer to arguments of other people who were studying this issue, but the key idea and conclusion have to belong to you.

To get the band 6, the essay has to show your deep understanding of the subject, skills in analysing and describing details, and ability to explain their importance. It is necessary to create a plan of the work, note down all the discovery thesis statements, which correlate to each point in order to use examples and quotations effectively. Such a technique will help to keep all the ideas in order and not to forget any important facts. Students that use it can easily tell some information about the essay because they remember the plan and key ideas of the work. In other words, it is a short summary, created before the writing process.

Language analysis essay is written with a purpose to show how the author of a certain work uses stylistic devices and other techniques to influence readers. Usually, the professor chooses which text should be analysed, but if you are allowed to make a choice, select the pieces of the writing, which the most clearly display the author’s style. You have to learn all the stylistic devices and how to distinguish them. Analyzing without the necessity to refer to teaching materials facilitates the process of work; it will save the time, and the analysis will be deep.

To notice all the details, you should read the text not less than two times. Highlight the sentences and phrases, which can be useful while analysing. It helps not to “get lost” in the bunch of words and find the necessary part within a few seconds. Define writer’s point of view and the main idea of the writing in order to understand which information he or she wants to convey to readers.

Usually, students do not know how to write a discussion essay for the highest score, because it is considered to be one of the most complicated writing assignments. The author has to be well-informed on the theme, as the purpose is to consider all aspects of the issue. Objectiveness is the crucial factor of successful implementation; you must distinguish facts and ideas, which follow from them. This kind of task has much in common with a text response essay; it also needs deep analysis, discussions and understanding of authors’ ideas. Do not write meaningless sentences and avoid repetition; try to answer the question directly and complement the main idea with each statement.

Certainly, it is not easy to write band 6 essay, but if you are motivated and purposeful enough, you will get the highest score. Remember, that everyday practising significantly increases the chances of success, and deep studying of the subject eventually can become interesting for you.

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