World Literature: Love in Catch the Moon

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As humans we tend to get a feeling called love for somebody in our lives.

Love is an emotion that deeply alters a person’s mind. This emotion can bring out the best of people or can make them question who they are. Sometimes when people are living a rough life they often do not have love in there life. The truth is,though, that a person should never let love leave from there life. The theme of “Catch the Moon” by Judith Ortiz Cofer explains that the power of love can change people.

Judith Ortiz Cofer begins to develop the theme of love can change people when Luis meets Naomi. Luis saw Naomi when she stepped out of the car and right away he felt something he hasn’t felt in a long time. It reminded him of the love he had for his mom. After hours of searching for a perfect hubcap Luis finds one and rushes to bring it to Naomi.

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Cofer states that Luis”…waited to give her the first thing he as given anyone in a long time.” In addition to showing Luis love flashback, Cofer shows that Luis still has love in his life.

Another way Cofer develops the theme that love can change people is by Luis seeing his father is hurting. Ever since Luis’s mother died his dad has not been the same. With Luis being the way he is about getting kicked out of school it is putting a bigger amount of hurt on his dad.

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Luis and his father constantly argue. Luis being bad hurts his dad and puts stress on him. Not only does Cofer show love can be found but him seeing his dad hurting helps him find more love.

A final way Cofer develops the theme that love can change people is when he figures out you don’t have to show off to get attention. When Luis was in school he was the type of kid to do stuff for attention. With Luis being around Naomi and his dad he realizes attention and loe can be found in other ways. Luis has been getting in trouble since high school. Cofer states mainly because of the “social group” he organized. The social group were a bunch of guys who harassed the authorities and breaks into houses. When doing this Lulis thought he could get loved. When Cofer shows tha Luis realized that being a show off to get love is not going to work he starts to change into a loving person.

The author believes that love can change anybody in anyway. With love in your life you are not the same. No matter if you think nobody loves you always know your mom does.

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