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Work Experience Report

My work placement was in my old school, St. Mary Magdalens Primary School in Willesden Green. It is a school for Roman Catholic children aged 7-11. It is located just off Willesden High Road. It is a relatively large school with around 400 children there. It has a playground and a playfield which can hold at least 700 children. I was there from the 7th of July to the end of their term which was on the 18th of July. My day started at 9:00 am and finished at 3:20pm.

My break times were at 10:30 for half an hour and then at 12:30 till 1:30 for one hour. My original thoughts of my old school were that it hadn’t changed a bit. I was wrong. There were now at least two computers in every classroom. There was still a few of the old ways. I.e. class of the week and class of the year.

At my placement I was hoping that my patience was going to improve and my ability to communicate in a more mature fashion because I was going to work with people on different levels.

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E.g. the children, the staff, the other work placements there. I was also hoping that I would be able to foresee my future in this. I learnt how to deal with many different situations i.e. talking to children, disciplining them, planning lessons etc. In my placement I was given the job of “classroom assistant”. I was given tasks in the classroom such as helping the children with their studies in certain area that they were weak in.

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i.e. Math’s, Spanish.

I felt quite privileged helping these children out with information that they found challenging which I found so easy. With the children, I had to be patient and relaxed and at ease as I was new and the children was a bit wary of me because I was a stranger. In my interview with the staff I found out that all off the teachers had left after a full-time education. An interesting note that I found remarkable was that they all found that family life was either the 1st or 2nd number on the list of priority in their work. They also thought that their work came before their social life. I think this is quite noble as they are sacrificing their relationships for their work. These particular jobs are quite common as they are found in every primary school. The other most common jobs found in this particular workplace were:

I enjoyed my placement a lot because I really felt at home because firstly it is my old school; I know the area and some of the teachers, but mainly because everyone was so warm and friendly. I think this was because of the effort being put on Christian values and believes which, personally, I believe, is a very good point because I am taught in a Catholic school. I like the environment, the children, the staff, my working hours and the other work placement colleagues. If I were to go on another work placement venture, I would hope to go to exactly the same place. If I were to give some advice to a pupil going on work experience I would say: be yourself and try hard. Concerning my future, I would think that to become a primary school teacher would be on my top ten lists of Most Wanted Jobs.

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