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Training and placement document

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The Training and Placement cell guides and helps the Final year students in securing jobs with their knowledge and achievements, by organizing campus Interviews and exploring various avenues for their placement. The cell extends all possible helps and provides all available infrastructure facilities to the organizations and their respective officials conducting campus interviews in the college campus.

The Placement activities include:

Preparation of List of Corporate and other Institutions

Placement Officer will liaison with the senior Company executives of reputed companies

Timely preparation of Placement Brochures and their distribution to the concerned Industries and corporations.

Invitations are sent to the prospective companies/organization along with all relevant information to participate in the campus recruitment. Regular correspondence is maintained with various industries. Personal visits by the Training and Placement Officer The Training activities include:

Arranging Industrial visits
Arranging Summer Training
Arranging Talks with Industrial Experts
Training and placement cell of SJCET
Digital resource i.e. the preparation material for various placement activities is not provided.

Data is scattered over in tables. Hence viewing data altogether is difficult. Online aptitude tests are not conducted.

Information of students is maintained in excel sheets hence no proper security of data. Access of website is restricted to only college members. Facility of providing a CV maker is not provided.


Training & Placement Portal aims at providing the Facility to automate and simplify the process of registration and list generation of eligible students for placement of TE and BE of St. John College of Engineering.

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“Training and Placement cell Management’’ is software solution for managing the recruitment activites of college. This System provide facility to TPO to do all their Work Regarding Placement like Collecting Student Records, Registering the Suitable Students, to check the number and percentage of placed & unplaced students, and important announcements to other departments.

Our TPO site also provide online aptitude test facility, feedback and suggestion reported by the Company, Guidance and tips to student. This website has inbuild function to segregate students based on their marks. Our site also informs students about schedule of the appropriate tests and interview by e-mail. The main aim of our project is to remove the communication gap between the Placement Manager and students.


For the purpose of training and placement of the student in colleges, TPO’s have to collect the information and CV’s of students and manages them manually and arranges them according to various streams. If any modification is required that is to be also done manually. The system is not an online application that cannot be accessed throughout the organization and outside as no login provided.

Students logging are not able to upload their information in the form of a CV. Visitors/Company representatives logging in may also access/search any information put up by Students. Students are not aware about avaliability of jobs in various companies at campus. Students are unaware of facing aptitude tests, interviews and no special training students get to know about selection process.


Here the user is able to view their student’s profile by their given

It is provided so that student would be able to see the company status that are visiting the campus.

Periodic Conduction of IQ tests.
Arrangement of Personality Development Workshops.
It provide guidance material such as online aptitude test for preparation,interview techniques, group discussions

Various aptitude tests quiz are taken
This helps the Training and Placement Cell in concentrating on various areas for improvement.

For different streamsof engineering different resumeformat is required so training is provided.

TPO will provide information to the student about company name, date and venue at which campus drive might take place. With this information the system will generate a notice (for example, a word document) which can be placed on website to intimate students about placement drive.

Here the student would be will be notified through mail about the selection to those student who are recruit by company criteria.

Here the user is able to get the results which are released and store them for later usage.

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