Why Should Cigarettes Be “Uninvented” or Smoking Banned

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If given the opportunity to invent or uninvent anything, what would it be and why? You might think that human inventions for the purpose of serving people are the worst: taking people’s lives? Do you know which inventions destroy people the most? That is cigarettes. According to statistical results, in the 20th century about 100 million people died of cigarettes, while atomic bombs, AK guns and explosives only killed millions of people in battles. Indeed, if I had a chance to uninvent anything, my answer would be cigarettes.

People smoke on their purpose of relief, relaxation but hardly do they know how destructive cigarettes are. The smoke contains seven thousand chemicals, including hundreds of detrimental substances that cause harmful effects on health. Additionally, cigarettes have a mix of 69 carcinogenic substances. Gradually, they will suffer from numerous diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease or skin damage.

Since I was young, I have seen one of my beloved relatives smoked cigarettes despite cautions from surrounding people.

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His indifference and ignorance resulted in high blood pressure and a stroke afterwards. Losing his ability to work, he had to live on the work of his family’s members and witnessed financial burden. I always know that there are more people suffer from tragedy and losses caused by cigarettes and wish they had never started smoking cigarettes.

The advent of cigarettes is nothing but the destruction of death, the evil that caused so many lives and heartbreaks and now, we are spending our money and time eliminating it.

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As far as I concerned, the non- appearance of cigarettes will create a better life.

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