Why Music, Culture, Religion and Communication are Important for Me?

While I am keen towards learning business and management skills, I have always harboured an innate passion for music, teaching, and constructive communication.

Whenever I was faced with an unfamiliar question in a public setting, I was slow and shy to respond. Participating in the local Toastmasters' club has helped me overcome this distress of unfamiliarity. With this newly gained self-confidence and spontaneity, I hope to share these communication strategies with my peers and Irish clients through the GOE-IES platform. Consequently, I would engage in setting up a local Toastmasters' club for fellow scholars.

This would creat e a stimulating forum for us to improve our ability to present on unfamiliar topics and confidently tackle difficult business proposals.

Other ways I enjoy communicating is through playing an instrument and singing. My tryst with music began with learning the electronic keyboard and completing the eighth grade at Trinity College London. From participating in various choirs in Oman to an award-winning acapella group in India, I have enjoyed my singing career immensely.

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Through both private lessons and community musical events, I have developed more confidence in conversing with the audience while providing a sense of recreation and calmness. Therefore, I would be thrilled to honour my affection for music by engaging in the Music Society at the university's student centre. Not only do I desire to learn more about music, but also actively contribute to the Society's committee. Sharing the various events conducted by the Society through social media with our friends and family would provide considerable international publicity for the GOE-IES scheme.

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Another way that I would further my musical talent is by participating in church choirs of Dublin.

Evidently, the church has always been a significant part of my moral upbringing. As an active parishioner, I have partaken in the role of a catechist for primary school. Through teaching, I have learnt to become more kind, patient and appropriately disciplined with my students. This experience helps me connect with the very moral fabric of Ireland. I would enjoy sharing these morals with my companions towards achieving collective success in our academic and professional careers.

As a third culture child raised in Oman by Indian parents, I have been influenced by both Omani and Indian traditions from a very young age. Naturally, I am proud to have both these traditions embedded in me. I wish to partake in sharing these traditions with my peers, as well as, embracing the uniqueness of their cultures. A few innovative means of maximizing my inter-cultural experience would be through potlucks and exchange of versatile genres of traditional music with my peers. Additionally, I would be thrilled to invite and host both Irish citizens and my international peers in Oman and India, thus strengthening Ireland's ties with my home countries. Immersing in music, teaching and meaningful communication during my time in Dublin would help me extend my experience of the GOI-IES scheme beyond Irish borders.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021
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Why Music, Culture, Religion and Communication are Important for Me? essay
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