Which Platform Between Jungle Scout and Helium 10 Should Be Used

Have you questioned what's the most effective Amazon FBA software system that has a unique suite of tools? You might be asking yourself, “which platform between Jungle Scout and Helium 10 should I use for my business?’ Well, you’ve come to the right place because this article will answer those simple questions. This article will give a break down of the summary, features, prices, pros, and cons of both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Helium 10

This Amazon software is all about Amazon sellers reaching the goal of having financial freedom.

This beginner-friendly software provides the necessary tools that the seller needs to sell their products on Amazon. The tools are the kind of tools that you don’t buy at a store. You don't have to stand on the corner and show off a sign that displays what you have to offer. Instead, this software gives the seller less hassle and more time with promoting their products online. When the founder called this an all-in-one Amazon FBA software tool, he wasn’t playing.

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It has the right tools that’ll put the products on the market almost instantly. What makes Helium 10 exciting to use is being able to create communication between their platform, Amazon sellers, and other e-commerce entrepreneurs. The people of Helium 10 wants to evolve to the point where they’re not the only ones gaining full advantage in having a successful Amazon FBA business. Anybody who has a passion in owning a business or wants to start their Amazon business can use this software with ease.

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Helium 10 comes with a selective few of the features that’ll take an Amazon Business by storm.

Black Box - Product Research

This feature will help the seller search for the best products to sell through the software’s database. Since there are nearly billions of products on the market today, the Black Box narrows down the highly recommended products to sell. The database displays the product’s value and revenue rate depending on what kind of product the seller wants to sell.

Xray - Browser Extension

This interesting feature is nearly similar to the Black Box. However, it’s a browser extension that can be used to confirm a product’s potential with selling on the market. The extension can be activated to a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook web browser. This extension runs when the user is on Amazon and is searching for a product to either buy or sell. It’ll give the seller the ideal benefit in how much net the seller can make with the product.

Scribbles - Listing Optimizer

When seller is looking for keywords that’ll attract the attention of their product, this feature will ensure that the seller has every possible keyword that’s available to them. One of the biggest issues for a seller to sell a product online is lack of keywords. These are the same keywords that customers type in a search engine like Google or Bing. The same keywords are included in online shopping platforms like Amazon and Ebay. This feature automatically submits all of the primary keywords that customers would type in a search box.

Cerebro - Reverse ASIN Search

This strategic feature investigates the marketing competition. It’ll go through the volume of the product and see how often the product is selling and see how the other sellers are selling the product. Think of this feature as a spying system on the seller’s competitors.

Refund Genie - Inventory Reimbursement Finder

This feature focuses on the ideal reimbursement amounts on Amazon products that either get lost, stolen, or damaged. It’ll provide a full report on the product’s returning value before the customer decides to return the product. This is good because the seller doesn’t have to second guess the refund on a product. Instead, they can get a report through the Refund Genie and send it to the buyer if needed.

Inventory Protector - Guard Against Scammers

This is important. This features protects everyone from scammers and fake offers. Most scammers send fake coupon deals to everyone so they can make the most money and everyone else winds up with nothing. Inventory Protector tracks and stops them from taking control of the seller’s inventory of their business.


The cost of buying Helium 10 can be paid either monthly or yearly. However, if anyone wants to get a feel of the software, they can just sign up for a free account and keep it free for 10 days.

Jungle Scout

This software is the other Amazon software tool that many sellers have been using for the past five years. The founders of this software wants to see entrepreneurs dominate the Amazon competition and emphasize the products that are being sold on a regular basis. Jungle Scout gives a suite of Amazon merchant software tools for everything from finding an ideal product, to sourcing a supply and demand, to propelling and streamlining the ideal product posting. The sky's the limit from there. This software has been popularly recognized at several organizations like Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, and Forbes. This software helps all Amazon sellers begin and increase their Amazon business success. This software is used all across the globe with almost 200 billion products being tracked on the market. Jungle Scout has helped begin promoting more than 200,000 Amazon products in four years and that number is increasing dramatically every month. Let’s not forget to mention that Jungle Scout has helped over 200,000 entrepreneurs either create a success story or has put their products on the market for a limited period of time.


Jungle Scout has a unique share of incredible features that’ll help build a successful Amazon business.

Product Tracker

This feature tracks the competition of any Amazon product. It’ll even help Amazon sellers have a selling strategy that’ll outgrow and outsmart their competitors. This features can be used on a daily basis and it’ll research any product in the seller’s inventory department. Also, it’ll ensure the Amazon seller that they can make the most in revenue towards that specific product.

Supplier Database

This feature will connect the sellers to highly satisfied suppliers that can be found outside of the United States. Also, the Supplier Database will send the seller data that shows who their favorite customers are. Whenever the seller is looking for a manufacturer, this feature will provide them with the recommended manufacturers that’ll prepare the Amazon products.

Keyword Scout

If the seller wants to increase traffic to their list of products, they can use Keyword Scout to display the main keywords for them. This feature will help sellers improve the progress in their advertising campaigns and have more customer views towards their business.

Sale Analytics

This is a great feature to have because sellers can consider this as their back office. The Sale Analytics feature displays daily, monthly, and yearly reports on the seller’s expenses, gross, net, and performance. Sellers are very pleased with this feature because the reports can help set goals for themselves and manage their budget and profits more professionally.

Inventory Manager

Supply and demand is what separates the seller from the rest of the competition. Without supply and demand means no progress and the business can crumble. With this feature, the seller can determine their stock orders, inventory status, and be more cautious on any potential stock fees.


Jungle Scout also have payment plans that can be paid off monthly or annually. Since Jungle Scout don’t offer any free trials, they do offer a money back guarantee that’ll last for up to 14 days.

The following the available plans that Jungle Scout has. A quick reminder that Jungle Scout does offer nice discounts, but only for a limited time.

The Jungle Scout Plan costs either $49 per month or $468 per year. If you go for the yearly plan, then you’ll be able to save $120 on your plan.

The Extension Plan costs either $39 per month or $228 per year. If you go for the yearly plan, then you’ll be able to save $240 on your plan.

The most popular plan is having both the Jungle Scout Plan and the Extension Plan. This plan is popular because you get every feature with this plan. This outstanding plan cost either $69 per month or $588 per year. You’ll also save $240 with this plan if you pay with the yearly plan as well.


  • The price is more affordable
  • Great for more experience Amazon sellers
  • All data reports are accurate and sufficient
  • Customer Service is very friendly
  • Customer Service keeps an eye on any glitches or bugs in their system


  • Ad Blockers don’t work well with this software
  • Too many spamming ads are appearing
  • Extension Plan doesn’t give you full access to Jungle Scout and vise versa.
  • Extensions constantly logs people out unexpectedly
  • Extensions crashes when multiple tabs are open
  • No free trial or free account


When you’re involved in the Amazon FBA industry, you have the opportunity to earn revenue as an affiliate marketer or network marketer for Amazon. However, build a business with Amazon can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re stuck with a bill or lack of resources. With Jungle Scout and Helium 10, your investment, regardless if it’s time or money, can change the way you approach marketing. If you are a beginner in this kind of industry, then we recommend that you start with Jungle Scout because it’ll do about 75% of the work for you. The other 25% will be you taking the time and effort in checking into your inventory, competition, and your sales reports daily. If you are more advanced in the Amazon FBA industry, then Helium 10 would be best for you. With Helium 10, you can get a faster jumpstart on your business and you’ll be able to see faster results with them.

Since both of the software are striving to go for the #1 spot in the Amazon FBA industry, everyone will have their own share of experience with both softwares. Some people will be very pleased with either software, while others feel like using either software is useless. Keep in mind that there’s many more success stories with either software than failures. Sometimes, you have to take the extra step just to get ahead in a business like this. Since Jungle Scout has the higher advantage with accuracy and features, Helium 10 has the upper hand with the pricing and customer service assistance. At the end of the day, after you read through this article again and again, you have to make the final decision on whether or not you want to invest in either one of these softwares. Always remember that financial freedom operates well when you let the money work for you.

Updated: Aug 17, 2022
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Which Platform Between Jungle Scout and Helium 10 Should Be Used essay
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