When most people are asked what is the good life you can

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When most people are asked what is the "good life", you can bet that 90% of those people would come up with answers such as, "being rich" or "winning the lottery." While money might be a nice benefit to having a good life, it sure doesn't show how successful you are in life. The good life to me is determined on accomplishing or at least striving for the goals set out for yourself. Certain goals that I have may never be accomplished, but it's striving to get there that makes you a hard worker and successful.

The ultimate goal I have in accomplishing my good life would consist of graduating from college, becoming a Nurse practitioner maybe becoming doctor later on in life , having a family, and lastly just being a great person.

The first part of my good life consists of me finishing college, this major step in my life. I understand that in order to achieve my goals, I have to take on this great deal of responsibility thrown at me.

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My college experience, didn't start off as i wanted it to.I planned on going to an HBCU but instead i'm at a community college because of financial reasons but it's never too late for me to finish out my plan. I want to join a fraternity as a way to make new friends and build new relationships. I'm currently i'm an Undeclared Pre-Health Science and all the hard work I will have to do in order to succeed.

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I know there will be many ups and downs but pushing through these obstacles will show everyone what type of educated black woman I will be. Sometimes through my college life, I'm expecting to meet a nice and respectful guy who hopefully will turn out to be my future husband someday. My good life starts out with finishing college and graduating at the top of my class .

As far as the second part of my good life, I would like to one day to be a nurse practitioner and later on in life to become a doctor. My grandmother who passed when my father was twelve was a doctor. I feel as if I should complete her legacy she started. Finishing her legacy is important to me bacause im her only granddaughter and im the oldest. This makes me even more determined and motivated me to push myself to my limits and overcome any obstacles in my path. Setting an example as the oldest. I don't just want to get into the medical field because of my grandmother , I truly love the idea of helping people and medical field.

Onto the third part of my good life, having a family would be so important to me as one of my goals for life. The responsibility of finally getting married and having a couple of kids is truly when I believe I made it in life . To take care of a baby and watch him or her grow up to be like you one day is a beautiful thing. I want my kids to grow up in a different environment than i did i want them to be successful in life and never give up on their dreams. Being able to wake up with the man I love everyday is amazing, i see my parents do it every morning and i want the same. I would love for my children to live in a two parent home just like me and get the love and support that comes with it. Growing up a lot of kids wouldn't have want i have. I dream of this big and beautiful wedding that I can share it with my husband, kids and family. Cherish every moment in life no matter if its good or bad.

As part of the most important way to end a good life, it has to be being a great person. No matter where I end up in life, I want to be known as someone who was just a great all around person. A person that you can trust, and will make sure you have a good time whenever your with them. Whether it's making someone laugh when one is sad or pushing him or her to make them better, I want to be known as a great all around person. This to me is the good life, a life full of success.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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When most people are asked what is the good life you can essay
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