What the American Flag Means to Me Essay

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What the American Flag Means to Me

The American Flag stands today to show that the wonderful place we call America, is forever united and will stand strong till we are all no more. Foreigners come to visit our nation and notice that, we Americans are full of purity, innocence, honor and peace, which the 6 white stripes on our flag imply. Also, we are all full of power, strength, bravery and endurance because we don’t allow anyone or anything to tear our nation apart. We will forever stand as one in a blue field of justice, fairness and right.

I believe that our freedom is what makes us very unique. I find it extraordinary that in America; everyone is treated fairly and equally. Our flag is a representation of, not just our individual religious freedom, but of our standing together and ruling as one. The flag is one of the best possessions that this country has ever had. I think that the flag is more than just a piece of fabric floating around on a pole; I think that the flag is what keeps our nation bonded together as a whole. It is a beautiful thing and I think that it will never be forgotten.

There are many races living here in America. This shows that people from all over the world have come to us for better opportunities, freedom, jobs, and most importantly safety. I know understand that, now because of our flag and country, we are dependable and worthy of the title of the “United States of America”.

The people who are currently or have once served this country are thanked everyday for their braveness and hard work to keep this country a safe place to be. They have put their life on the line so that they can keep our nation in top shape. Most importantly, they could be anybody you know. People in the military vary races and are family members, friends and even strangers. But to all of us, they will always be thanked for their gratitude toward us. They have tried their hardest to protect our country. Some have lost their lives to serving us. They died, at least knowing, that they have done the right thing and that nobody will ever forget them.

We have multiple rights that have made us who we are today. We have the freedom of speech. This is the right to speak your mind and tell the world what you believe is right. You will not be punished for what you believe. You have your own thoughts and nobody can change that. You also have the freedom of religion. The freedom of religion allows you to choose which religion you would like to practice. There are many religions out in this world to choose from and you will also not be punished for your choice of what you practice. We have the freedom of movement which allows you to move to where ever you feel is the safest and best place for your family to live in. You will never be arrested for moving around to different places where you feel that you will be the safest you can believe that you could be.

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