American football positions Essay

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American football positions

Flag football is one of those sports that are fun but not as much pressure is on the players. It is a version of our American football that is popular all-over the world. The game is practically the same just not with all the heavy gears on top of the players. It’s rules are twins to the regular football except the tackling is replaced with the players pulling the flag off the player that is holding the ball. Flag football is known for its non-dominant sport which means it’s very common to have co-ed.

The history of flag football goes way back to the 19th century when tackle football has just come to life. Modern football is obviously known to be super violent. Back then was even worst, with the amount of injuries and even deaths that were occurring on the field, people were looking for a way to play the game and enjoy football without exposing themselves to the severe injuries and consequences. Touch and tail football started in the 1930s then eventually branched off to flag football during the beginning of World War II.

Troops needed a way to entertain themselves, and since traditional football was too risky, flag football came as a compromise. On offense there are 3 main positions in flag football: quarterback, blockers and wide receivers. The quarterback is responsible for distributing the ball offensively. The wide receiver is suppose to catch the balls from the quarterback and run down the field to the touchdown. Blockers are necessary so that they can try and stop the opposing team from getting to the quarterback.

On offense, the two main positions are corners and linemen. Corners defend against the wide receivers from catching the ball. Linemen are usually the ones to rush the quarterback. In flag football, the rules are similar to the usual tackle football except on how to stop the wide receiver from getting to the touchdown area. Instead of tackling, they pull the flags off of the player. Usually the whole belt or single flags that are velcro attached. The scoring is obviously the same, six points for every touchdowns. Players can also attempt a 2-point conversion.

Field goals are usually not allowed, unlike tackle football. Anytype of sports can be dangerous for the human body. So, it is important to take serious precaution when playing the sport. Wear the proper gear, even though flag football is suppose to be a non-contact sport, it would be smart to wear some basic protective gear. Mouthpieces, knee braces, ankle guards, and jock straps are a very useful way to start the habit to prevent non-permanent or permanent injuries. Try to not wear any jewelry as that could get caught in another person’s clothing or cut you.

Check with your doctor before to make sure that you are in the right form to start playing flag football. Prepare your body for this intense game by lifting some weights, light morning jog, eating good breakfast and getting plenty of rest. Stretch before a game to prevent sprains and pulls. To keep your body hydrated it, drink plenty of fluids! Even though flag football does not have as much direct contact between the players, the game is just as dangerous as traditional football. Flag football can be super fun ! Just follow the rules and figure out what your best position is!

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