What is it like to be on my campus? Essay

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What is it like to be on my campus?

Each time I walked past the University campus as a high school student, I used to think to myself; “Oh! What a lovely view! ” I had always wondered how life was on campus, questions going through my curious mind. It was therefore a dream come true when I was admitted to the school. To begin with, I must admit that I was intrigued by what I saw when I first stepped into the university campus. It was so different from what I had thought it would be. For one, the University was not like my high school.

It had more space and it was more organized. It was more beautiful and there were more people. It had massive buildings that were significantly different from that of my high school. It was a view that caught my fancy and made me proud to be a student of the school. Wondering what I’m talking about? Let me tell you what it is like to be on my campus. The campus is located in the heart of the city, it is flanked by two of the most famous streets in the city, known for its hotels, boutiques and famous restaurants and entertainment centers.

The school occupies a small stretch of land that had been donated to the city in the early 1980’s. The neighborhood where the school is located had been among residential houses but with the recent development’s in the city, around 3 or 4 business establishments have opened just a stone’s throw away from the school entrance. The school is not along the main thoroughfare and children have to either ride the bus or be driven to school. It is however easy to get to the school but is a lot more difficult leaving the school in order to get home.

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