What if Humans Could Breathe Underwater

For humans, it is essential to have oxygen. Oxygen helps our body full of cells make energy. On average we inhale about 12-20 times per minute. Ever since I was young I loved the water. From the swimming pool to the ocean itself. Have you ever thought what if…humans could breathe underwater? For humans to breathe underwater we could see how polluted our seas are, start a new agriculture, and finally explore all of earth waters.

Humans being able to live underwater would be tremoundy help for us to start to clean our oceans.

We could see really how bad our oceans are polluted. Just not see them from afar. Being able to be under the waste in the ocean allows us to feel what the aquatic life feels. For example we would be to see and feel the same way how the fish or turtles feel being surrounded with waste from humans. Or even getting tangled up in the plastic waste.

Giving them a disadvantage against predators or for hunting.

Starting an underwater agriculture would be so interesting. We wouldn’t have to rely on rainfall to water our crops. In the real world tremendous amounts of water is fueled to crops and livestock. We wouldn’t have to worry about that. Not being able to water our plants and livestock. We could solely live of saline based crops. It would be more healthy and efficient. Having solely based saline crops would be awesome. We would be in the ocean which goes across the world that so happens to be a saline solution.

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Being able to explore earth’s water would be awesome. Could you imagine being able to explore all of the underwater caves. All of the sank ships and crashed planes that are at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe even find Amelia Earhearts missing plane. Just maybe. What about exploring the Titanic. Being able to see where people slept and ate even died. Not only exploring earth’s feature but seeing all of the different aquatic life. Wouldn’t be awesome to be swimming with dolphins all day. Being able to experience would be a once in a lifetime.

Humans being able to breathe underwater would be a chance in a lifetime. Being able to feel and live like the aquatic life while the oceans are polluted with gases, oils, and another human waste is what we need. To feel how they feel. To see how they see. To live life they live life surrounded by waste and not from a far. Being able to start a new agriculture would be more healthy and efficient. And lastl;y being able to explore earth’s water would be awesome. Being able to explore places that we never knew were there and being able to explore things that are apart of our history would be an experience.

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