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What Do Marketers Do

Consumers are continually faced with an array of products, services and offers in their daily lives. For this reason, the need for marketers has become more crucial for businesses across the globe if they intend to survive in this competitive day and age. But what exactly does this role entail? This essay will aim to briefly touch on the key aspects that manifest this diverse occupation by examining firstly their involvement in market research, implementing a marketing strategy, and lastly the analysis of data.

One of the initial tasks of a marketer is to understand their target segment and gathering information on how to position their goods or service to this particular market. As a result of this it could be said that marketers act as ‘a strong advocate for consumers’ (Gok 2010) by communicating their desires to businesses. This can be achieved by researching the segmentation variables of the intended consumers. These consist of demographics, psychographics, geographic and behaviour segmentation, all of which assist the marketer to create an effective marketing strategy.

Marketers undergo this research so as to ‘help the organisation understand customer needs… and wants’ (Sharp 2013, p. 15). Through market research marketers are simultaneously able to identify their competitors as well as discovering potential marketing opportunities.

Due to there being such a diverse range of goods and services offered at any one time, it’s clear that marketing is competitive. To remain in the market, marketers take on the responsibility of strategically planning how to use their resources in the most effective way so as to optimize revenue and expansion of their market share (Rowley 1998).

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Once obtaining the required factual information they’re then able to take on the duty of generating a balanced marketing mix also referred to as the four P’s: product, price, place and promotion. Marketers are faced with the challenge of proposing an appropriate product price that matches the products’ quality and functions, which is then placed accordingly to make it available for the intended consumers. Promotion is then used to ensure the target markets are consciously aware of the product available. By doing this a marketing strategy is able to be created that will achieve the company goal (Sharp 2013, p. 6). Lastly a marketer must also be able to evaluate the actions taken during the marketing process so as to measure the success. This is done through marketing metrics such as the total amount of sales made, the percentage of repeat sales, and the number of distribution outlets (Sharp 2013, p. 14). This action then allows marketers to make informed decisions for the likely future of the product and whether sustainable marketing can be obtained.

In conclusion the role of a marketer is quite extensive and consists of many areas; however there are key aspects that are crucial in the endeavour for a successful career in marketing. Factors like thorough research into the target market, the balanced use of the marketing mix as well as the measuring results are all significant features.


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What Do Marketers Do
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