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Welcoming learning environment

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (523 words)
Categories: Environment, Learning
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Learner need to be supported by the tutor in order to help them overcome any problems that may hinder learning. In practice a number of barriers to learning present themselves, preventing or inhibiting effective communication (Petty, pg 30). The learners development during the course will usually be influenced by their personal circumstances or/and academic history. A tutor needs to find out as much as possible about the prospective learner, so as to adapt methods to suit learners needs; be more receptive and positive; differentiate strong/weak, quiet/dominant learners and generally to maintain a comfortable/ welcoming learning environment.

I teach organic chemistry classes voluntarily at St Helens College. The course runs for 16 weeks (from January 2006 to May 2006). The chemistry are 3 hours in the evenings, 5 students in total of mixed gender, aged 16-19, and all students are currently employed by United Utilities and come on the course on day release basis from their employers. Their main reason for being on the course is for qualification purposes to improve career prospects and pay conditions I do not have involvement in initial assessments such as interviews, application forms etc.

but I do try to gather as much information about the students as possible through ice-breakers, informal introductions, SWOT analysis, formative profile and questionnaires. Other information such as age, gender and academic background I find through speaking with their head tutor. When meeting the students for the first time, I allow time for informal introductions. I state who I am (name), my background (work, why I am teaching, etc). Ask them about themselves, why they are there, etc. I then provide an outline of the course.

This is usually followed by an ice-breaker (games or quizzes) which always prove successful. During this period I observe social interaction and study learner’s relationship with one another and gain an insight to their character, whom are more confident, reluctant, dominant and quieter characters. The ice-breakers and informal introductions usually reveal what the learners bring to the group. A lot of the time they bring experience (good or bad, personal and academic), humour, questions, and varied levels of knowledge of the subject.

The barriers to learning could be one or more of the following factors; child care, family commitments, child care, apathy, travel, disabilities, other social effects or needs, retaining and understanding, hopes and fears, lack of confidence and financial hardship with regards to funding the course. The background of the learner can affect their entry behaviour which can in turn affect progress on the course. Such entry behaviour could cause distraction, effect commitment to the course, cause lack of motivation, participation, interest, and understanding.

I have to be aware of the barriers to learning as the tutor in order to know how to support the learner as an individual. I support my learners by sharing knowledge, understanding and therefore try to assist them with issues that are barriers to learning, helping them overcome any problems that may hinder or cause a barrier to learning, providing a comfortable working environment, guidance, making learning easy, and motivating them. Support is essential in order to get them through the course.

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