Healthy Learning Environment Essay

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Healthy Learning Environment

In my classroom I keep my children healthy by monitoring their health. One of my first priorities is to know which child has any food allergies. I believe that the children need to eat a variety of healthy food. Our center is associated with the USDA Food Program and for this reason we serve lots of fruits and vegetables. In order for the children to see that it’s ok to eat healthy food I sit at the table and model good eating habits. We teach the children to learn the food pyramid; it’s another way to promote good eating habits. I also do a daily health check to see any signs of illness. I also make sure that the classroom is clean before the children enter the room. I clean the tables using bleach solution a few times a day to keep it sanitized and germ free.

In our center we keep the children safe by creating an environment that helps the children make good choices. Our activities are safe and developmentally appropriate for their age group (3-5 years old). On our lesson plan for this week and the following week we will be talking to the children about Pedestrian Safety. We go on community walks to show them when we should cross the street and how we must look both ways before crossing. Another way to talk and explain safety is by reading books. Children feel safe when they are allowed to play with toys that are not broken and that they have easy access too. During outdoor time teachers will make sure that the play ground is free of any sharp objects that can harm the children. Children feel safe when their environment is like being at home safe and nurturing.

Children begin to enjoy their classroom by learning about things that surround them. This done by planning you lesson plan ahead of time. My Team creates a new learning environment each time that we come up with a new theme. We create new and exciting activities that will have children wondering and guessing what is coming next. One way to keep the children excited and interested is by setting up each area with books, puzzles and dress up clothes. As time goes by the children will adapt to a consistent routine that will allow them to self regulate while exploring each center freely.

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