Learning Environment Observation

Results of the ELEOT

The average lot score was 2.6 which means that the teacher saw some evidence of each of the seven environments. The scores of different environments as 3.2 for the equitable learning environment, 2.8 for high expectations environment, 1.8 for the supportive learning environment, 2.2 for the active learning environment, 2.6 for progress monitoring and feedback environment, 2.4 for the well-managed learning environment, and 3.5 for the digital learning environment. The lowest rated environment was a supportive learning environment which means that learners feel that they are not valued or empowered.

The environment with a high rating is digital learning with a score of 3.5. This means that technology integration in learning has been enhanced and learners can enjoy the benefits of this resource (Imms, Cleveland, & Fisher, 2016).

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How the Instructor Maintained and Managed the Learning Environment

The instructor maintained the learning environment through clear communication of the learning expectations. This helped learners to remain focused on the goals of the learning process (Imms, Cleveland, & Fisher, 2016). The teacher also established a collaborative learning environment where students interacted with one another as well as with the teacher. This allowed the students to discuss certain concepts from diverse sources enhancing their understanding level. The teacher ensured that these interactions went on smoothly regardless of some of the interruptions during the learning process (Aase, 2019). Inappropriate classroom behavior that interfered with collaborative learning was handled in the right manner.

This involved addressing incivilities accordingly, speaking with learners privately, and resolving any conflict using the right tools. The teacher also arrived and ended the lessons on time which shows integrity (Aase, 2019).

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This impacted students positively who were also on time in attending lessons. Another strategy that the teacher used is providing feedback to students on matters affecting learners in various aspects. The teacher ensured that most of the learning materials and resources were available to learners to save time and enhance the learning process (Aase, 2019).

Various Engagement and Learning Strategies That Were Used and How They Could Be Implemented In Different Learning Environments Including Traditional and Non-Traditional Environments

One learning strategy that was used involved was retrieval learning practice where learners were required to remember specific information without the help of learning materials. This is important in testing the understanding level of students (Tandoc, 2019). Recalling information is the most important process as these tests if learners can remember what they have learned as well as apply it in their daily lives. This strategy can be implemented in different learning environments using technology that allows a teacher to use diverse teaching styles that enhance students’ ability to remember different concepts (Tandoc, 2019). An engagement strategy used by the teacher was issuing group assignments. Collaboration during the learning process enhances engagement since students interact on a personal level and exchange ideas. This strategy can be implemented in different learning environments by creating structures that accommodate students from diverse backgrounds. This will close the gap created by different perceptions that may hinder collaboration among students (Tandoc, 2019).

Implementing These Strategies into Your Own Classroom

One important thing in implementing learning strategies is selecting the most effective strategy to implement based in the learning environment and the needs of students. The teacher should also model the instruction to enable students to understand new concepts (Bakar & Ismail, 2020). In implementing the learning strategies into a classroom, a teacher can use metacognitive strategies that help students understand the way they learn and enable them to solve some of the problems in the learning process. Communication is also important where a teacher should inform students about the learning goals which influence the personal development of students (Bakar & Ismail, 2020). All the necessary resources required in the implementation of a learning strategy should be available to ensure a successful implementation process. A teacher can develop class networks to enhance connectivity between students and the teacher leading to better efficiency of the learning strategy. Networking can also serve as a platform for exploring new ideas that can enhance learning (Bakar & Ismail, 2020).


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Learning Environment Observation

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