We Are the World, We Are the Children Essay

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We Are the World, We Are the Children

So many countries, so many traditions. And every country is unique. If we try to compare, we will find a lot of differences and similarities. Let’s compare, for example, Russian and British teenagers. To begin with, young people differ in the way they spend their leisure time. Britain is famous for its youth organizations. For example, the Scout Association, the Girl Cuides Association, Greenpeace, etс. Many of them have done and are still doing useful work providing leisure facilities to the younger English generation. However, in Russia there is lack of youth organizations.

Yet both Russian and British teenagers keep on visiting many extra-curricular activities, going in for sports, travelling, music, dancing and also protecting the environment. Another characteristic feature is clothes. In Russia young people prefer to wear a more official style. In Britain people like to put on more casual pieces of clothing. It is also necessary to mention youth problems which Russian and British youngsters face. They are the eternal problems of children and their parents: lack of interest in studies, problems with friends.

Some youngsters take to alcohol or drugs trying to escape from such reality. Some turn into delinquents. In spite of the fact that all people are different, there are many things which unite us. The British are famous for their tolerance and sense of humor. Although the people in Britain all have different cultural backgrounds, different views, and even different languages, they make up a really astonishing island race, whose culture and customs are mixed so well together that they form a character which is the sum of so many parts.

Russia has always been a country of mystery and attraction for foreigners. We, children living in Russia, love our country and are proud of it, and we would like other nations to understand and love our homeland. So why don’t we try to establish friendly relations and help each other to get through difficult situations? We shouldn’t be afraid of wars, violence and terrorism or kidnapping, we should all live in peace. We mustn’t forget that we are the children of one world which is like one big family. And our family comes from around the world.

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