War Essay Topics

Compare war poems

Many terrible things happened in World War 1 or the Great War. For me one of the main points were the injustice of it all, how the officer class treated the young ordinary soldiers, mostly from the working class, I have chosen two poems by Siegfried Sassoon which pick up on these themes “Base Details”… View Article

The Start Of World War Two

Evacuation for many people was a mixed experience; you had you either ended up in a comfortable environment (rare) or you ended up with not the best of times. But the questions is not whether evacuees enjoyed their experience, it is a case of why they were evacuated. In this piece of writing I am… View Article

The Second World War

Explain the differing reactions of British people to the policy of evacuating children during the Second World War. It is widely believed that the evacuation process of the Second World War was not only successful, but for those involved the time was thoroughly enjoyed. This in fact was not always the case. The reactions of… View Article

The success of the Nationalist cause in the Spanish Civil War

The success of the Nationalist cause in the Spanish Civil War was due primarily to the help it received from its foreign allies: For what reasons would you agree or disagree with this statement? A snapshot of 1936-1939: Britain and France tiptoe around Italy’s conquest of Abyssinia and their second conquest of the football World… View Article

Why the USA got out of Vietnam

Some describe the Vietnam conflict as a promise “to guarantee liberties in Southeast Asia…” (Martin Luther King), but instead Martin Luther King’s other description of the war as a “…cruel irony of watching Negro and white boys on the TV screen as they kill and die together for a nation that cannot even seat them… View Article

The Cold War in the period 1950-80

1. “More often than not, superpowers, rather than causing regional conflicts, were reluctantly drawn into them.” How far does your study of the Cold War in the period 1950-80 supports this view? The period of 1950 to 1980 saw the Cold War spread from the traditional playing field of Europe to other parts of the… View Article

War Imagery

No matter where we are in the world, we are confronted with images every second of the day. Whether good or bad, we are exposed to imagery that evokes positive and negative emotions in us all. At present there is an intense debate raging as to whether or not the media should publish and expose… View Article

Causes of WW1

If Franz Ferdinand hadn’t been killed, World War One would not have happened’ This essay will be discussing the question ‘If Franz Ferdinand hadn’t been killed, World War One would not have happened’. History points out many causes of the First World War, history sources both primary and secondary are split on the idea that… View Article

How was civilian life affected by WW1?

The First World War greatly changed the lives of civilians living in Britain. When the war first broke out, there was a tremendous feel of euphoria and patriotism. In the first four weeks after the declaration of war, over 500 000 men had enlisted in the army. This was partially due to the belief that… View Article

How far were southerners to blame for the civil war?

During and for years after the war, Northerners blamed Southerners and Southerners blamed Northerners for starting the war. With hindsight today, it is easy to dish out blame and easiest to point the finger at the South. After all it was the Southern states that seceded from the union, and it was obvious to many… View Article

Cromwells contribution was greater off the battlefield than on it

“Cromwell’s contribution was greater off the battlefield than on it”. How far do you agree with this view of Cromwell’s role in the First Civil War? Many historians have argued that Cromwell’s rise to prominence was through his work during the First Civil War (1642-1646). This work can be split into two sections: on the… View Article

Total War, Britain during the Second World War

Part 1: The outbreak of war When war broke out on 3 September 1939, the mood in Britain was very serious. Nobody expected that the war was going to be ‘Over by Christmas’. The British government reacted quickly. There had been a war scare in September 1938 at the time of the Munich Crisis and… View Article