War Essay Topics

Per Clausewitz’s On War

Per Clausewitz’s On War focal points on how victory can be achieved, reader see a keen interest in how to disarm the enemy using reciprocal and proportionate “efforts to his powers or resistance. ” This implies that to win a war you might use all means, strength, and resources within your power to deliver the… View Article

Strategies & War

The commander must also acknowledge that “According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify one’s plans. All warfare is based on deception…. Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy’s plans; the next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy’s forces; the next in order is to attack the enemy’s… View Article

What are the Strategies to Win a War?

To comprehend what it takes to win a war, you must first acknowledge that various strategies should be analyzed, adopted, or adhered to. Via the great works of Sun Tzu, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Carl von Clausewitz you can reflect that there are many strategies which can be used to win a war. These strategies are… View Article

Coming full circle

You could almost say that Leadership, the US Army, the Quality Circle (Editors, 2007), and the Baldrige Criteria (Commerce, 2006) have a shared history: Having established above the importance of leadership in all aspects of life in that it is found in the military as well as in the civilian: business even in the spiritual… View Article

That is my major mystery

GIVEN the forum, I should perhaps confess that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a conservative. As an outsider, therefore, perhaps I can be pardoned for my inability to see consistency in the positions conservatives commonly take on drugs and related issues. I can understand how one who believes that government should… View Article

The war on drugs, page two

The criminalization of marijuana in the United States in the 1930s at the behest of the oil industry and others threatened by hemp, and the maintenance of the criminal status of cannabis to this day by cryptofascist governments, principally the United States, profiting enormously, directly and indirectly, from the “War on Drugs” while callously inflicting,… View Article

War on terrorism

“As portrayed by Washington, the new war is а messianic, apocalyptic struggle of blameless good against consummate evil. Its inspiration is not the real world with its shades of gray (and indeed, relevant histories and grievances), but the kind of struggles that used to play out in the cowboy movies. Little mention is made of… View Article

A World at Arms: A World War II Book Review

Abstract             This book authored by a great historian Gerhard L. Weinberg is exceptionally written with impressive research. It integrated all the aspects of war – diplomatic, political, economic, and even cultural. In addition, the book has given an overview of how the different theatres of World War II are interconnnected. This paper explores on… View Article

Mother courage and her children

By Bertolt Brecht, and Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, are both studies in the political activities and the history and evolution of a society. These plays hold political views that have survived for centuries. In response to the statement made about Bertolt Brecht, Mother Courage and Her Children and Hamlet both make a statement on politics… View Article

Road Map to Peace

Abstract The main aim of this paper is to focus on the current developments on the peace process in the Israel-Palestinian Conflicts.  This paper also provides some critical insights on the initiatives done by international organizations like the United Nations in dealing with the conflict. Introduction             Peace and security is one common measurement of… View Article

Creveld’s transformation of war

Martin van Creveld is regarded as one of the most influential contemporary military theorist and historians of modern times. Born in Netherlands, Creveld however has spent a life time in Israel studying and analyzing warfare from the vantage point of the faculty of the Hebrew University where he has been teaching since 1971. During these… View Article

The civil War

The beginnings of the American Civil War were born from a disagreement between the Northern and Southern part of the United States of America. The south still believed in slavery and wanted to use it as a normal routine since slave labor constituted a major part of their workforce (Greene 302). The sentiments in the… View Article

The War In Iraq: Most Current Positions For and Against

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001 impacting the United States causing the deaths of innocent lives and political chaos, it was the first time since the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii that the United States has had an attack in its own land; with the exception of instate terrorism such as the Oklahoma… View Article

`In Another Country` By E. Hemingway

Hemingway creates a powerful and true-to-life story about real experience of many soldiers who came home but remember all casualties and hardship they were faced with during the WWI. On the other hand, their stories full of bravery, honor and courage. They need to adapt to new world, but the only way for them is… View Article

Impressment of British Men and the Draft of the Vietnam War

In this paper, I would briefly discuss the Impressment of British Men and the Draft of Vietnam War. I would present the similarities and differences of the two eras in answering the question “How are the two eras of Impressment of British Men and Draft of Vietnam wars can be compared and contrast? ” In… View Article

War and its biggest casualty

Irene Zabytzko’s “Home Soil” is a painful reminder of how we often commit the mistake of equating patriotism with going into war, ignorant and often unmindful of the emotional and psychological trauma that war creates not only on those who fight in it but also on the families, friends, lovers, and even acquaintances left behind…. View Article

The First World War

The First World War though had the majority of the countries of the world involved in it, yet the major protagonists were European. Some of the historians and researchers even go as far as to name this war as an Imperialistic war. This is because one of the major reasons for the war to erupt… View Article

Slavery and Civil War

For a long time a controversy has existed amongst historians regarding slavery as a cause for the civil war. A large number of Northern writers agreed with President Said James Ford Rhodes that slavery was the singular cause of civil war and but for slavery there would have been no civil war at all. The… View Article

Israeli-Hezbollah Conflicts: The Insensibilities of War

The world has witnessed again the hostilities of war this year. The terrorist group Hezbollah initiated the spate of violence in the Middle East by sending raiders into Israel from Lebanon. This attack killed eight Israeli soldiers and two others kidnapped, while they launched missiles into northern Israel. Not taking this action sitting down, Israel… View Article

The American Civil War

The impact that religion had on reforms from the 1820s to the 1850s can clearly be seen in the effect that it had in contributing to the American Civil War. Religion played a key role in the different positions that the North and the South were going to take with regard to the issue of… View Article

The Use of Agent Orange in Vietnam War

The United States entered Vietnam War by piecemeal, step by step in the period between 1950 and 1965. In May 1950, President Harry S. Truman passed a resolution of economic and military aid to France that was trying to hard to retain control over its Indochina colony, including Laos and Cambodia as well as Vietnam…. View Article

The Civil War

After the Civil War, the South was solidly and reliably Democratic for a full century. In large part, this was a reaction to Lincoln, who most southerners saw as a tyrant and an aggressor. Since Lincoln was the first Republican president in American history, it was guaranteed that the Republican Party would be widely unpopular… View Article

The Vietnam War

The decade of the 1960’s can be primarily characterized by the atmosphere of national instability and the tumultuous political climate of the Vietnam War. With the election of Richard M. Nixon, Americans were hoping for an end to the longest war in American history. Nixon’s campaign had operated successfully on a platform of promises to… View Article

The Cold War

The foundations for the Cold War were laid in the closing days of World War II, as Western and Soviet armies met in the ruins of Germany. America’s wariness of the Soviet Union resulted in part from Stalin’s attempt to capture as much territory as possible with total disregard for the lives of his soldiers…. View Article

World War I

The economy of Christiania steadily grew until before World War I. When the First World War broke out in 1914, Norway declared its neutrality. However, Christiania benefited economically from the war by carrying British cargoes inspite of the loss of Norwegian lives and ships that were caught in the war (Compton 610). After the war… View Article

The Troop Surge and The Iraq War

Sometimes, what matters to one person may not mean much to another person. This is not because one side is insensitive to the other, but because they are so far removed from the situation that it really does not impact them.             The Iraq War is such an example. For 140,000 troops, the Iraq War… View Article

“Hot” Spots in the Cold War

The period of the Cold War has turned into the dramatic stage of fight between the two world’s largest powers – the United States and the U. S. S. R. The Cold War remains a remarkable moment for the U. S. , when the majority of the American people could check their strength and endurance…. View Article

Evaluate Articel Modern War

Phillip Gervase is a Principal Lecturer in History at Manchester Metropolitan University.  He authored  The Anglo-Scots Wars 1513 – 1550. (33)  In his article, Was the American Civil War the first Modern War?, he refutes the commonly held belief that the American Civil War was the first modern war.  After the Second World War, many… View Article

The Second World War

During the last phase of the Second World War, the rivalry between the United States and Soviet Russia became clearly discernible due to ideological conflict. While the Soviet Union accepted Marxism and intended to spread it over the world, the United States, as a champion of liberal democracy, adopted a policy of ‘containment of Marxian… View Article

War in Iraq

War is one of man’s horrific undertakings that tarnished the beauty of what life has to offer. According to John F. Kennedy, this is why mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind. One grave example of a country that has been affected by perpetuated wars is Iraq…. View Article