Violence Against Women is a Very Worrying Situation in The Country

It was a bright Sunday morning, everything looked so clear. Birds were chirping and crows were cawing. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary I was in my bed, covered with red bumps from mosquito bites, staring at the ceiling fan, waiting for it to start spinning knowing that it won't happen anytime soon. Living in a joined family with all my uncles and aunts, there was no such thing as privacy. Our house was filled with almost 35 people at that moment and the number kept increasing.

There was no moment where you can be left alone, everyone was up in everyone’s business. I wanted to close my eyes and get some rest but the voice of babies crying, children playing, and adults yelling and cursing, I felt like i saw a glimpse of hell. I then heard this faint yelling from the kitchen and it was my mom who wanted me to get out of my bed and help her in the kitchen as it was expected of me.

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I furiously replied, “No, I’m tired, i want to get some rest” and then i heard clacking sound and jumped out of bed, knowing that it was my mom looking for a stick to hit me. I rushed to the bathroom but unfortunately, i was a little late and saw my mom with a big wooden stick in her hand. She grabbed me from my tiny ponytail, pulled me towards her, and started hitting me with the stick. The house was full of people but no-one even flinched about what had just happened.

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It didn’t bother me that she called me for help out of all the people in the house when I just wanted to get some rest, what did bother Autoethnography Hussain 2me though was the fact that a 10-year-old girl was being beaten up by her mom and no one cared enough to come and help me. Then i heard my uncle, yelling from the living room, saying “You are responsible for this, you should have gotten up as soon as your mother called you and helped her in the kitchen.

You are a girl and that’s where girls belong”. I still remember the stick hitting me so hard that I felt my bones breaking. I don’t blame her for that because I knew that she was under the stress of dealing with so many people and cooking and cleaning after everyone but what I didn’t get that why was I the bait. Getting beaten by a stick, with bruises and bumps all over my body, it didn't hurt as bad as my uncle’s words did. That was the moment i realized that just because I’m a girl, I’m being deprived of basic human rights and courtesy. I was barely ten years old but i knew deep in my heart that that was not where I belonged. I finally made my bed, swept the floor and helped my mom in the kitchen. Analysis Being born in Karachi, Pakistan, I perceived a lot of things at a very young age. I witnessed people dying of target killing, schools being closed because of bomb threats, arsons and bombings every other day, you name it.

I was always pointed out as the weird one in my school and my family because I didn’t talk much and everyone around me took it as my weakness. All my life I waited for a day when i can speak without being mocked, heard without being taunted, and live without being frightened. Growing up, i feared my mom more than i loved her, and i think that is what she wanted. Growing up a girl in a Muslim Pakistani family, I was never treated as an equal. At every step of the way, it was made sure that i realize my duties and responsibilities as a woman. In Autoethnography Hussain 2 Pakistan, are supposed to stay at home, clean the house, make the meals, and watch the children.

However, as women began to venture out of the house, they were cursed, targeted and killed for being independent. The violence against women is a very alarming situation in the country because it is getting to a very threatening situation and the violence is getting brutal day by day. Pakistan is a Muslim country, where people not only take pride in strictly adhering to Islamic values but are ready to sacrifice all they hold dear for the glory and sanctity of Islam. I was never allowed to leave the house without my head covered and once i reached adolescence, i was deprived of that right too. Technically, women are not prohibited from working, but at the same time, the work they are allowed to do is knitting, cooking, cleaning and serving men, all this while observing parda (covering your body by a big cloth in a way that only your eyes are visible).

Their integrity and health are often beyond their own control they are taken as invisible, underserved and undernourished and because they are women, they are not allowed to leave the house to get medical treatment without a man. The worst thing is that most of the times, women are abused by the ‘men’ who are supposed to ‘protect’ them. Women are thrown acid on their faces, baby girls are buried alive on their births, young girls are raped or forced into marriages to someone twice or thrice their age. Even in 21st century, women are being treated like slaves and possessions. This has to change and i wish i could do something to make a difference but the thing is we are living in the world where people don’t want to believe they are doing anything wrong and don’t want to change.

Updated: Jan 21, 2023
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