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Value of Relationships in University

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 10 (2489 words)
Categories: Education, Family, Higher Education, Interpersonal relationship, Psychology, Relationship, University
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Values of relationships formed at university in determining people’s lives in their professional and social roles.

IntroductionValues are fundamental beliefs that help and motivate attitudes or actions. On the other hand, relationships refer to close connections between people, which are formed by emotional attachments and interactions.

Relationships at university have an adverse influence in the way people live and how they handle daily duties. A good relationship is one where there is trust both parties must be able to believe in each other’s words without a doubt.

There also has to have mutual respect where each person values the leads of the other and handles any concern with a lot of care. Additionally, there must be open communication whether through Emails, SMS, or face to face. This enriched the relationship and results to a healthy and reliable rapport between the individual who can rely on each other without disappointments. There are several types of university relationships in which each has its own impact to the people involved.

Relationship between Fellow Faculty Members

This happens in the workplace which is important to the individuals and the organizations where they exist. These relationships affect the employee’s ability and drive to succeed and improve on the output. This kind of relationship helps one to avoid feeling of loneliness better work with others .although to some extent it can lead to romantic but in most organizations they put policies and restrictions on any kind of romantic relationships because they affect the employees output and lack of concentration.

According to Colleen (2015) these relationships can be equally harmful to the subordinate, he added. Supervisors have the ability to promote or demote, and they’ve also got a say in discussions about compensation. Interpersonal relationships consist of day to day interaction with co-workers or managers. They are part of work environment, this builds a climate of openness, team spirit and improved productivity. Communication is very key as will convey a different meaning to different people in linking people in the same organization.it helps to disseminate information which is related to the daily performance of the employees in the workplace. Communication plays a pivotal role in all types of relationships. Workplace and social support is defined as the extent to which individual perceive that their wellbeing is valued at workplace employees such like the managers and the organization at large which they belong (Eiesenberger et al, 2002, Ford et al, 2007). It has noticed well the importance of workplace social support which helps to improve employee morale and productivity which cannot be overlooked. When a staff member has all the necessary support when carrying out their duties, they will definitely put in their best in achieving the desired output in this case a faculty member will ensure they provide the support to each other and to the students at large. Teamwork is also very important while working with others.

Faculty Student relationships

When students join campus, they are supposed to create a good rapport with their faculty or lecturers to ensure they cope well and able to confidently approach the lecturers in case of any clarification or concern. Building relationships with students is by far the most important thing a teacher can do.  Without a solid foundation and relationships built on trust and respect. when a student ensures they are in good term with the teaching staff their school life become enjoyable and fun. Research shows that student-faculty relationships are the most crucial connection with a collegiate community( as cited in Kuh&kuh,1997). When a student feel they are part of the university, it makes them feel valued, improves their energy which lead to excelling in their academics providing a win-win situation for both faculty and student.

Faculty members who understand the learning needs and interests of their students can tailor assignments, expectations, and communications in a proper manner. They should Ensure an open communication prevail which will enable the student air any concern and feel they belong. (As cited in Denzine and Pulos, 2000) argued that teacher approachability is an important quality that must be guaranteed in order to facilitate positive teacher-student interactions. In most situations students take the faculty as their role models. They need to feel at peace approaching them on any issue which might be of disturbance which could be affecting their studies. The teacher should give the student a positive feedback which encourages them to learn from their mistakes. Furthermore, good relationships with university teachers not only contribute to the retention of students but also facilitate other factors, such as commitment (as cited in Strauss &Volkwein, 2004).

Faculty member has to provide enabling learning environment for the student to capture their engagement and interests. In fact, the most powerful weapon teachers have, when trying to foster a favorable learning climate, is positive relationships with their students. Students who sees their teachers as more supportive have better academic results (Boynton & Boynton, 2005). Also Creating a climate of comfort and caring as well as support and self-determination will help students feel a sense of belonging (Skinner & Greene, 2008).

But in most cases, the faculty tries to take advantage of this kind of relationship whereby some of the lecturer’s demands sexual favors from the student in order to give them a good grade. This leads to the exploitation of innocent souls forcing the students to admit to affairs that end up spoiling their future lives. later on in the life of the student, they might end up becoming expectant having to drop out of school to take care unplanned child, or they decide to terminate the pregnancies which cuts short their bright future.in other scenarios, the student can even get infected with STDs or AIDs for that matter and the faculty member responsible neglects them.

Student-Student relationships

Campus life is so fun and full of freedom, a student who is from high school which is full of rules and restrictions and probably they were staying with the parent. The students are introduced to this life where no one cares of what they are doing, have to decide whether to go to class or not, do their assignments and many other choices they have to make. With this kind of freedom, the student might end up landing into bad relationships with fellow students.

Some of the bad affairs a student might have include getting involved into drugs because of the anxiety, forming other bad relationships like lesbianism, or gay. All these start affecting the student academically because much concern will be to ensure the other partner is comfortable they do not want to disappoint them. Depending on how students relate with their colleagues and friends in campus, they tend to do most of the things together influencing each other either positively or negatively. This happens because of the circumstances that they are in the same campus. When a student joins the campus there is a need to be taken through on how to cope with the transformation in order not to land in bad relationships which end up ruining their academic and killing their goals and vision.

Other relationship between students is very beneficial in that, they help each other build a network which can help them in future, they can become prominent business people working together. They help each other and hold hands in ensuring they excel in their studies. In most campuses students are expected to do group works like in USIU-A, this is emphasized as the campus wants the student to know how to work with people they do not know as this is the case in the workplace. This prepares a student to cope well in the work environment as they will not be able to choose who to work with but have to adapt and relate with each other well. Also -Interactions with students from different multi-cultural backgrounds with different values and beliefs can make an individual appreciate others.

Student and other staff members

According to Berstein and Noam (2013) a staff-student relationship can be defined as a caring connection between the two. These relationships help students at-risk for failure by building resiliency and self-regulation skills.

In any organization, there has to be people you interact with, as one cannot work in a vacuum. Students are supposed to engage other staff members not necessarily the faculty because on one way or another they have to seek for assistance. For example, in campus most students are not aware on how to deal with peer pressure, relationships and they need help to handle and cope with this. That’s the reason we have counseling departments which helps to handle cases to do with such or any other family matter which can have adverse effect to their education life.

While on campus there are departments a student must visit like the finance sector, IT department and cafeteria among others. So if the student does not show respect to the people who serves them. Eventually, the student may end up being frustrated in getting services. This is because any employee in an organization likes to feel appreciated for what they do. Some of the relationships can also lead to marriages someone might get a life partner while in campus.

Student: Family members Relationships

A family is the backbones of any person. Having a parent who really cares and are supportive is the best thing for any child because the parent will always ensure they give the best in terms of education to the child. Creating a strong bond between the two members will have a positive impact to the society at large. Once the child or student succeeds in their education, they will influence others and contribute to the growth of the economy. Levels competence is attributed to the level of trust and close communication with parents as well as being negatively influenced by family conflict (Campbell, Pungello, & Miller-Johnson, 2002). In a scenario where the parents are not in good terms with each other, the students get disturbed and take the stress to class which affects their level of concentration and negatively affect academic performance.

While supportive family relationships promote academic achievement and positive attitudes about education, emotional distance from parents is associated with disrupted academic performance in adolescence (As cited in Crosnoe & Elder, 2004). When a student aha the zeal in their academics they can succeed and have healthy life in campus, which are affected by how the family relates (As cited in Repetti, Taylor, & Seeman, 2002). In the case where the student has siblings who are favored than them, it makes a student feel unwanted, being emotional and withdrawing from others.it is the responsibility and duty of a parent to instill good manners to the student which will ensure the same is translated to their studies. A student who has been brought up in the right way with all the displine instilled in them will not allow other students to influence or manipulate their behavior.

A study conducted by Turker (2003) reported that those students who are brought up by a single mother do not perform better in their academics, their psychological health is affected, have problems with their characters, stable family formation, early sexual debut, partner satisfaction, economic success, and even physical health. The bottom line is that single motherhood may reduce the quantity of parental time with children due to other commitments.

More so there is strong relation between parental source of income and student’s scholarly achievements which is a major determinant of student attainments. The type of family that a child comes from either monogamous or polygamous family usually has impact on the child’s academic performance. Parents have less attention as the number of siblings increases.

Parental involvement has always been an essential component of every teacher-student-school academic endeavor. Parents, who have been considered as one of the stakeholders of the school community, play tremendous roles in the child’s educational and environmental transformation. Parents play a tremendous role in the student’s educational and environmental transformation. Their involvement is essential in the academic endeavor of the student. Parents are always concerned with the progress of their students keep constant communication with the student for any assistance and wanting to know how they are coping with school especially those students who do not stay with the parents. According to Centre for Child Well-Being (2010). Parental involvement in the students learning improves their morale, attitude academic achievement and promoter better behavior and social adjustments.


A good and supportive relationship is needed to create safe environments and give students confidence to work without pressure and become motivated to learn. Students feel encouraged and motivated to study and actively collaborate with the teachers when in a contusive environment. It is important to have a faculty who is concerned with students wellbeing and who provide support, giving them the same chances and opportunities to participate in the learning process. These opportunities make students feel comfortable and interact freely and improve their academic skills. A teacher who cares about their students transmits knowledge affectively and has a good interaction with them. Faculty staffs also need to relate with each other well towards achieving common goal which is producing graduates who can compete in the work environment.

When students feel that they receive support; they try to create a rapport with their teacher and start to see them as someone who is there to enhance their learning. Koplow (2002) proposed that effective student-teacher relationships encourage greater confidence and class engagement in much the same manner as sensitive parenting encourages a greater sense of security and confidence. Pianta (2013) suggests that improving the quality of teacher-student interactions within the classroom depends upon a solid understanding of the nature of effective teaching for adolescents.


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