User Side And Server Side Factor Computer Science Essay

In this study, I will depict and explicate about user side and server side factor that can act upon the public presentation of a web site and province peculiar waiter side capablenesss with consideration for restriction of equipment and package client may be utilizing to shop the web site.

User side factor:

Hardware: The velocity of computing machine system can act upon the public presentation of the web site. If the computing machine system is slow so the user will take a long clip to lade full web site.

The velocity of computing machine depends on velocity of RAM, ROM and CPU.

Ram is plugged into RAM slots on the motherboard. It is used to storage informations while Pc is on. It is volatile and impermanent. There are many types of RAM sorts. Examples are: SDR RAM, DDR R AM, DDR2 RAM…

Rom is different to Ram. It already is designed and connected with the motherboard. So the users do n't worry to link the Rom.

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Rom is merely enabled to read informations. It is lasting and non volatile.

Central processing unit: is the most of import constituent of computing machine system. It is located in CPU socket on the motherboard. It is used to treating informations and plans. CPU read directives from RAM and realizes those directives. Computer 's treating velocity depends on velocity of CPU, but it besides depends on other systems. CPU processes informations and plans in 4 stairss. There are: fetch, decode, execute, and compose back.

And one more of import that the user must hold to link to internet is modem.

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Modem is the oldest interconnectedness devices. It is enabling communicating over conventional telephone system. The term of modem is coming from modulator and detector. It uses a assortment of engineerings to help and better their communicating. All modems can offer asynchronous communicating ( which do n't necessitate a common timing to happen between two devices ) and synchronal communicating ( which is a uninterrupted timed transmittal ) . Modem can non impact to computing machine velocity but it affects to internet velocity.

Internet connexion velocity: It besides is an of import portion that can act upon the public presentation of web site. Even the users have a good computing machine that has really fast velocity but they have slow cyberspace velocity, they besides must take long clip to see and shop the web site. The user besides must to take the ISP ( internet service supplier ) that will supply the cyberspace services for them. Broadband is a good thought for the users because it is faster than Dial-up connexion.

Modem: Modem is besides of import portion of internet connexion. The users need it to link to internet. Modem is the oldest interconnectedness devices. It is enabling communicating over conventional telephone system. The term of modem is coming from modulator and detector. It uses a assortment of engineerings to help and better their communicating. All modems can offer asynchronous communicating ( which do n't necessitate a common timing to happen between two devices ) and synchronal communicating ( which is a uninterrupted timed transmittal )

Virus: is package of computing machine. It occurs when knave codification has entered the computing machine system. Virus hides itself inside ordinary feasible codification and makes harm to informations, computing machine system or services. Actually there are over 20000 viruses in the universe. It affects the velocity of computing machine 's operation and slows down the cyberspace connexion velocity.

Software: The users besides need to put in some package that can do the users easier and faster to link to internet and shop the web site. Examples are Firefox, cyberspace adventurer and flash participant. Firefox and internet adventurer are website browser that are used to shop the web site. But I think the user should utilize Firefox because it is better than internet adventurer. Firefox provides fast browsing velocity, good security and many characteristics. And brassy participant is application package that is necessary for shoping the web site. It helps the web browser easier and faster lading picture or flash on the web site.

Server side factor:

Hardware: Like the user side factor, server side factor besides require good velocity of RAM and CPU. But server provides cyberspace services to the users, so RAM and CPU of waiter should be really fast. They involve to the waiter velocity.

Server velocity:

Bandwidth: bandwidth is the capacity that a web connexion can carry on at one clip. It determines how much traffic can be handled by the web waiter and how much stuff is able to be downloaded at any one clip. It can be thought of as a pipe from the web waiter to the users.

Server runing systems: It is web operation system package that is used to run computing machine system. For illustration is window server 2003. It is the current waiter version of Windows and Window XP is the workstation version. Window waiter 2003 is similar in visual aspect to window NT4.0. There are many version of Window waiter 2003 which are Web edition, Standard edition, Enterprise edition, and Data Centre edition. The different editions of window waiter 2003 support assorted hardware platforms and server function. They provide a assortment of service which enables the users to interact with other users, system, and application. There are many services that are provided in window waiter 2003. But in this undertaking I will explicate typical services that provided by a window waiter 2003 directory service.

Security: There are many hazards for a web site. They may be virus, Trojan, hacker, spyware. They can steals clients ' inside informations and utilize them for fraud. The waiter should hold security package to protect the system such as firewall, Norton internet security. Security besides is the biggest concern for commercial web site because they save all the inside informations and information of clients that could be stolen. So the waiter should hold a good security to protect them.

Port available: it is device that is used to reassign informations between a computing machine consecutive port and an Ethernet local country web. It can be used with all types of consecutive devices and peripherals. It is possible to utilize Ethernet in topographic point of consecutive overseas telegrams, minimising workstation jumble and besides leting consecutive devices to be placed far off from the computing machines with which they are used.

The other factors that can act upon the public presentation of web site:

Web browser compatibility:

The web site will be browsed by web browser so web browser can impact to the web site. The web browse should hold all characteristics which help the users to lading the web site easier and faster such as flash participant. Besides web browser should hold all compatibility that is needed for a web site. For illustrations are sing the web site with difference fount size, coloring material, etc…

Image: On the web site, the image may be a in writing hyperlink that is used to associate to other page of web site. There are 2 types of image that can be used o web site. They are bitmap image and vector image.

Bitmap image is made up of pels in a grid. Bitmap format is truly easy to utilize for exposure. It is fast to expose because the proctor is already merely a grid of color points, so to expose them, the users are merely altering the coloring material of the points that are already at that place. But if the users want to stretch a electronic image, they merely make all those points in the exposure bigger than the points on their screen and the exposures will be fuzzed. In general, bitmap format is all right for drawings, great for exposures and best for the web. But it is difficult to stretch, difficult to change over to vector. Bitmap image is the file that has stoping.bmp.jpeg, .jpg, .png, .psd, etc… And some package to redact bitmap image are Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc…

Vector image is difference to bitmap image. It has a batch of virtuousnesss. It is made up of many single, scalable objects. These objects are defined by mathematical equations instead than pels, so it ever render at the highest quality. These objects may dwell of lines, curves, and forms with editable properties such as coloring material, fill, and lineation. An object can be modified non merely by altering its properties. Vector image has many advantages such as be stretched to assorted sizes without losing quality. But it still has some disadvantage such as unsuitable for bring forthing photo-realistic imagination. In general, vector format is great for drawings, easy to stretch, easy to change over to bitmap but it is bad for exposure and the web. Vector image is the file that has stoping.svg, .wmf, etc… And some package to redact Vector image are adobe Illustrator, Corel draw, Xara Xtreme, Serif DrawPlus, etc…

Sound: Sound travels in moving ridges. These are uninterrupted and are called parallel. The digital sound moving ridge samples at regular intervals with spreads so little the user ' ears can non comprehend them. There are many types of sound file which are mp3 or wav.

Mp3: It is the good sound file. It is a tight file and is good for internet connexion. It does non necessitate much memory. It does take excessively long to download and retain good quality. Finally, the mp3 file has a low sample rate and therefore produces a smaller file size. It is better than other sound file such as wav.

Wav: It has a high sample rate which means the sound quality is closest to that produced by the existent instruments but it is a comparatively big file. Because it is a big file so it requires much memory and the user take excessively long to download it. It is non good for cyberspace users.

Video and life files: Video and life files produce really big file sizes which require much memory. So they can earnestly impact the velocity of web site. It necessitate long clip to download and command a big proportion of bandwidth for continuance download even the user usage a high quality cyberspace connexion. It takes a big proportion of website infinite and do the web site slower. There are many types of picture and life files which are following:

Mp4: It is a container format which allows a combination of sound, picture, captions and still images to be held in the one individual file. It besides allows for advanced content such as 3D artworks, bill of fares and user interactivity. It can be use by many different multimedia. It has really good quality. It besides allows for streaming via the cyberspace which means the user can watch it online.

AVI: It is audio picture interleave file. It is a picture file that conforms to the Microsoft Windows Resource Interchange File Format ( RIFF ) specification. It is a big file and takes memory native to Microsoft Windowss. It requires a particular participant that may be included with the Web browser but most of Personal computers can play it.

WMV: It is window media picture file which is preferable format for Windowss. It is originally designed for cyberspace cyclosis applications. It can be streaming and possible to utilize less memory faster download.

Internet connexion velocity:

The velocity of the user 's internet connexion can make up one's mind how fast the web page is loaded. There are many types of cyberspace connexion which are:

Broadband: It is a web that uses a medium that can transport multiple signals at the same time utilizing technique called multiplexing. The most common illustration for broadband communications is the typical overseas telegram telecasting web which transmits the signals matching to twelve if Television channels over one overseas telegram. Finally, broadband web provide really fast internet velocity. It is really good for cyberspace users.

Dial-up: It is the traditional method of connexion and remained popular for many old ages. It has an mean velocity of 56 Kbps. It uses the bing parallel telephone lines.

ISDN: It stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It is a dial-up communications services that uses standard telephone lines to supply high velocity digital communicating. The two most common ISDN services are Basic Rate Interface and Primary Rate Interface. It could make velocities of 128 KBps.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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