Apache Web Server Design Computer Science Essay

MMM has been designed with the usage of cutting border engineerings in order to run into the demands of the application design ends. Application has chiefly 2 parts which are following. Server side has been designed utilizing following engineerings, considerations and grounds has besides been provided under each engineering header.

Web waiter handles the HTTP protocol petition. HTTP response is generated in consequence of doing HTTP petition to the waiter, such as directing a petition for a page so return a page of HTML.

To treat the petition, the waiter can react with a inactive or dynamic pages of HTML inactive or dynamic images, or frontward to direct or depute coevals of dynamic response to some other package like books, CGI, JSP ( Java Server Pages ) , Perl, servlets, Active Service Providers ( Active Server Pages ) , server-side VB and Java Script and other server-side engineerings. Whatever the intent is these server-side plans generate a response, normally in HTML, for show in a web browser.

Web waiter merely passes the petition to finish the trade.

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Web waiter does non hold a occupation outside the proviso of an environment in which the waiter - the plan can be implemented to back up and the response base on balls. Server-side plan normally provides maps such as dealing processing, database connectivity and meddling.

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Web Servers and their choice in peculiar scenario.

Following is the list of web waiters.

Apache web waiter - the HTTP web waiter

Free and the most favorite web waiter in the universe formed by the Apache Software Foundation.

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Apache web waiter is an unfastened beginning web waiter and can be download and installed free of cost and it works on about all good known runing systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Unix and many more. About 60 % of the web waiters run the Apache web waiter -

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Apache Tomcat

The Apache Tomcat has been developed to back up major Java waiter side engineerings like Servlets, JSP scripts. It can be configured as to run as standalone waiter, Tomcat is largely used along with the any 3rd party web waiter like Apache HTTP web server or any other web waiter. Apache Tomcat can run on different runing systems like Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Free BSD, Unix. It is free and unfastened beginning.

Apache Tomcat is an unfastened beginning package execution of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages engineerings. The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications are developed under the Java Community Process.

Apache Tomcat is developed in an unfastened and participatory environment and released under the Apache License version 2. Apache Tomcat is intended to be a coaction of the best-of-breed developers from around the universe. We invite you to take part in this unfastened development undertaking.

Apache Tomcat powers large-scale, mission-critical distributed applications across a different scope of commercial endeavor and organisations. .

This undertaking is a web application being developed utilizing Java engineerings so the Tomcat best suits to over demands.

[ 2 ]

Microsoft 's Internet Information Services ( IIS ) Windows Server

IIS Windows Web Server has been developed by Microsoft. Initially it was non up to the criterions now it has become more dependable fast and secure. After Apache web server, IIS is the most widely used server all over the universe.

[ 7 ]

Nginx web waiter

This is free and unfastened beginning web waiter and it is popular due to its excess services along with being web waiter which are IMAP/POP3 placeholder services. 7.5 % hosting of the universe is utilizing this waiter. Nginx 's public presentation, stableness, simple constellation and low resource use are the tickets of its popularity. This web waiter grip petitions utilizing event-driven architecture which uses little and predictable sums of memory under burden alternatively of utilizing weaving theoretical account.

[ 8 ]


Lighttpd is a free web waiter comes the FreeBSD operating system. This waiter is fast, secure and really light weight and take less resources of CPU. It is free and unfastened beginning. Lighttpd can run on any good known OS like Solaris, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X runing systems.

[ 9 ]

Saber saw

Jigsaw ( W3C 's Server ) introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium. It is free and unfastened beginning and support Windows Unix, Linux and Mac OS X Free BSD etc. It has been developed in Java and can manage PHP and Perl hostings.

[ 10 ]


KoanLogic Srl introduced Klone, includes a web waiter. An SDK for the development of inactive and dynamic pages has besides been introduced by KoanLogic Sri. This waiter is largely used for embedded waiters and machines.It supports PHP, Perl and ASP.

[ 11 ]

Abyss web waiter

This well cognize web waiter supports about every well known OS. It 's personal edition is ( X1 ) and it 100 % free but the professional Abyss Web Server X2 is non free and unfastened beginning but available at inexpensive monetary values which is $ 60. It Supports HTTP/1.1, CGI/FastCGI, usage mistake pages, secure connexions, watchword protection and some other characteristics as wll. It besides provides environment for automatic anti choping system and a multilingual remote web direction system.

[ 12 ]

Oracle Web Tier

It offer 2 best patterns of contrary placeholder and hoarding solutions which proved to fast helping of web pages and easy grips even the most demanding hypertext transfer protocol traffic. The iPlanet Web Server, for illustration, is a the best public presentation waiters of the universe with increased security and good multithreaded construction that maintains load expeditiously.

[ 13 ]

X5 ( Xitami ) web waiter

iMatrix Corporation introduces cross-platform X5 which is the latest web waiter utilizing the multithreading construction ( Base2 ) which makes it extremely scalable to the multi cores. As per the iMatrix, X5 can entertain 1000s of connexions without any job and therefore is utile for connexion handling clients are unfastened for a long clip.

[ 14 ]

Zeus web waiter

The Zeus web waiter supports Linux and Free BSD. A company called Zues developed this waiter and this waiter is popularity for its dependability, security, velocity and flexibleness. The web waiter is being used by some of the elephantine web sites of the universe like Ebay. Zeus web waiter is non unfastened beginning and free but costs more than a 1000 dollars.

[ 15 ]

Development linguistic communication and tools ( Java, WURFL, Wall ticket lib, JSP, Servlets

Database direction system ( MySQL )

Client Side


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Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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