Microsoft Host Integration Server Computer Science Essay

A major challenge to the endeavor organisations and concerns today is to continually maintain puting in their existing bequest platforms, and at the same clip heighten their bing systems so that they can suit new work loads enabling service-enablement, enhanced concern flow, advanced concern intelligence, online minutess, and squad coaction within the concern.

Microsoft realized that they can non disregard the importance of these bing investings in different bequest platforms and should offers tools and engineerings for incorporating with these bing platforms.

Microsoft came up with new solutions on diverse media such as desktops, devices and waiters running Microsoft Windows systems and application platform, which can be easy integrated with the bequest systems. So, retaining bing investings and incorporating new Application Platform with them brings tonss of benefits to organisations and concerns.

For the interest of this integrating, Microsoft Host Integration Server came into image, which really has replaced the Microsoft ‘s SNA Server, which was used earlier for functioning similar instances.

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Now let ‘s take a speedy circuit of what Microsoft Host Integration Server is all about.

What is Microsoft Host Integration Server?

Microsoft released Host Integration Server with primary intent of incorporating bequest systems with Microsoft based Applications. Microsoft states Host Integration Server as “ Microsoft Host Integration Server engineerings and tools enable endeavor organisations to incorporate bing IBM host systems, plans, messages and informations with new Microsoft waiter applications. ” ( Reference: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . MSDN states Host Integration Server as “ Microsoft Host Integration Server provides comprehensive host entree and integrating, widening Microsoft Windows to other systems by incorporating mission-critical host applications, informations beginnings, messaging, and security systems.

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This enables the reuse of IBM mainframe and midrange informations and applications across distributed environments. ” ( Reference: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Using Microsoft Host Integration Server, Businesses can link to their bing systems and informations on non-Microsoft platform like IBM mainframe, leting their IT section to go on those investings and widen to new countries like concern intelligence, SOA ( service-oriented architecture, which is a slackly conjugate package service that can easy interacts with other systems. ) and concern procedure solutions built on the latest Microsoft Application Platform.

Host Integration Server extends Microsoft Platform to on-Microsoft platforms by supplying interoperability in chief 3 countries:

Data Integration Services

Application Integration Services

Network Integration Services

It facilitates informations and application integrating, enabling developers on Microsoft Platform to print concern procedures in bequest application ‘s informations and applications as XML Web Services, which make their Host applications with the implicit in procedures into a more flexible Services Oriented Environment. On the other manus, Host Integration Server besides facilitates integrating of bing Network Infrastructure, Security System and User Management of the old LOB ( Line of Business ) Applications with new systems.

Microsoft Host Integration Server integrates with applications, their implicit in informations and with different web easy easing rapid and flexible deployment and integrating. Using this, Business can easy recover informations from a broad scope of informations beginning, e.g. , Microsoft SQL Server and DB2 in Windows NT platform ; whereas UNIX, AS400 Servers on other platform. On the other manus, utilizing Host Integration Server you can incorporate the bequest systems with the information webs without really migrating their informations to new system, that can either be web based or client based.

Along with Host Integration Server, Microsoft besides released a scope of back uping tools that gives clients easy entree to informations shacking on mainframes, UNIX, AS/400, and Windows systems. So, Business can go on to utilize their bequest back-end systems, but provide entree to them utilizing new interfaces, including windows-based interfaces every bit good as Web-based interfaces.

Microsoft Host Integration Server Versions

With latest version as Host Integration Server 2010, Microsoft released the undermentioned versions of the merchandise at the clip of composing this article.

Host Integration Server 2010 ( October 2010 )

Host Integration Server 2009 ( March 2009 )

Host Integration Server 2006 ( February 2006 )

Host Integration Server 2004 ( August 2004 )

Host Integration Server 2000 ( August 2000 )

Salient Features

Microsoft Host Integration Server comprises of plentifulness of characteristics – this article would foreground the most of import 1s out of that list. Here ‘s a speedy glimpse at the most of import characteristics of the merchandise:

Easy & A ; Low-cost: Host Integration Server 2010 gives Business lower IT ownership cost, along with rapid and flexible deployment manner of solutions. Solutions can easy be deployed onto latest Windows platforms, without fring connexion to the bing bequest systems.

Host Programs Integration: Apart from add-on tools of Ocular Studio, there are available tools provided by Host Integration Server TI ( Transaction Integrator ) which helps enterprise application developers automatically generate.NET constituents, and Web for incorporating the bing plans in IBM Mainframe, IMS, and CICS.

Host Sessions Integration: Exploitation tools like Session Integrator, .NET, COM interfaces can interact with mainframe based procedures for machine-controlled entree through a High Performance web connexion.

Host Data Integration: It back up distant informations entree from a scope of host applications like DB2, IBM Mainframe, etc.

Network Integration & A ; Consolidation: Exploitation web integrating services, it can easy attached different Windows based devices, client, and server with IBM mainframe and other host based systems, assisting IT Operations to cut down their cost of operations by consolidating their web apparatus.

Secure Host Connectivity & A ; Identity Management: Microsoft Host Integration Server now offers Enterprise degree Single Sign-On ( SSO ) for specifying, hive awaying and recovering user functions between Windows Active Directory and foreign certificates. It besides supports popular mainframe and other security systems.

How Host Integration Server helps different group of Users?

Microsoft Host Integration Server has something in its home base for all groups of Users:

Information Worker: Host Integration Server supply decision-makers and cognition workers to analyse and describe concern critical information faster, by giving them direct entree to host informations beginnings from BI ( Business Intelligence ) tools that came within different Microsoft merchandise like SharePoint Server and SQL Server. This eliminates the demand of engaging host developers to compose codification to extract/convert host informations constructions.

Developers: It enables enterprise application developers to present new solutions faster through improved productiveness tool from Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET Framework, etc. , without holding any cognition of host systems and its substructure.

IT Operations: Host Integration Server reduces runing cost and entire ownership cost by leting IT decision makers to spread out bing bases & A ; firmly connect freshly acquired systems, and use industry-standard high public presentation routing and transmittal, besides supports all bing and new concern work loads as compared to heritage host web substructure.

Suggested Readings

For farther information on Microsoft Host Integration Server, the undermentioned mentions would be helpful.

Official Site

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Official Blog for Host Integration Server

hypertext transfer protocol: //

MSDN for Host Integration Server

hypertext transfer protocol: //

TechNet for Host Integration Server

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Host Integration Server at Microsoft Connect

hypertext transfer protocol: // SiteID=66 & A ; wa=wsignin1.0

Official Forum for Host Integration Server

hypertext transfer protocol: //


This article briefly described Microsoft Host Integration Server and its importance. Microsoft Host Integration Server offers Businesss to go on their bing investings on bequest applications like IBM Mainframe, and added to that do fresh investings on latest Application Platform based on Microsoft Technologies to benefitted from characteristics like integrating with bequest systems, ease-to-use care and disposal tools, enhanced security characteristics, and a good deal more as we have had a expression in this article.

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