The Apache server

* is a powerful, flexible, HTTP/1.1 compliant web server

* implements the latest protocols

* is highly configurable and extensible with third-party modules

* can be customized by writing 'modules' using the Apache module API

* provides full source code and comes with an unrestrictive license

* runs on Windows NT/9x, Netware 5.x and above, OS/2, and most versions of Unix

1. Give description of the organization it most represents.

Apache is a very widely used web server, used to host websites around the world.

As such it is not restricted to a particular kind of organization. It is free and open source, so the source code is made available to the users and they can customize and modify the application based on their needs.

It is really fast, scalable, robust, which means that it can suit the needs of any size/type of organization or an individual. Anyone who needs to host a website can download and install it. Due to its scalability it has the capability to handle

website of any size even with hundred thousand or more hits per day.

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2. The tasks/process, it is specifically designed for.

The main purpose of apache is to be used as a web server. It can server both standard and secure (SSL) sites. Also it can be extended with the help of various modules. It can serve both static and dynamic content and supports CGI. One of the most popular uses is with the PHP scripting language to serve dynamic content.

3. Is it an object oriented development, explain.

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If not then can it be

on the 4GT (4th generation tool) explain.

It is not based on object oriented development. Since the goal of the software is to make it multi-platform compatible therefore this is the reason it has been designed like this. Also since the development is not done at a single location due to open source nature and developers from all over the world contribute to the code, therefore this is also the reason for not making it object-oriented.

It could be ported to any other language if the developers are willing to spend time and effort on it since the source code is available. However, since the current version is a result of years of development and compared to

the maturity of code now, it is going to take some time to accomplish same stability.

4. Do you think it requires extensive tests, why?

The setup and installation is pretty straight forward under windows and Linux. The server is up and running in no time at all so no extensive tests are needed to determine if the installation is running fine. In event of any issue, there is a large community online which can be accessed for resolving the issue.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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