Sony's Corporate Email Server Policy

Electronic email is extremely valuable in today's business world. Its reliable exchange of information remains one of the most efficient and versatile means of business communication. Lastly, its worth noting that users must understand the misconduct of an email service can pose a threat to a company, such lawsuits, data breaches and confidentially of information. Therefore, it's imperative to provide an appropriate standard of use to prevent violation of email servers.


The purpose of our corporate email policy is to help employees use good judgement of Sony's Corporate email servers.

In addition, it raises conduct awareness of what Sony considers tolerable behavior of its email system. This policy encompasses the steps to minimize risks in order to continue using Sony's network effectively.


This policy outlines the best email practices and reinforces the consequences of email misconduct of any electronic exchange from Sony email servers. This includes all employees and affiliates who use its infrastructure to send or receive email from Sony.

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All use of electronic email servers and services, including but not limited to must be consistent with SONY's contractual obligations on their rules and regulations in order to comply with proper business practices.

large business files in their inbox or in any another other folder for a long period of time.

All Sony's sensitive information contained within an email message or an attachment must be secured according to the SONY's data encryption standards. Users should not assume emails are secured and should take precautions when using sensitive information.

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To safeguard passwords associated with SONY's email accounts, they must not be shared or be given to anyone else.

Email that is the original source of a SONY business record shall not be altered. Such changes are against SONY integrity policies.

Under no circumstance's users shall not email disruptive or offensive electronic content that comments, including by not limited to race, hair color, religion, sexual orientation, pornography, veteran status, or political views. Employees who receive this content from any of Sony's email server must bring the incident to the attention of human resources or an immediate supervisor.

Users are prohibited from automatically sending chain letters, spamming or distributing files infringing on proprietary property.

Users must only use SONY email servers and are prohibited from using third-party email application such as, Google and Yahoo to interact with other businesses.

Before leaving SONY's employment, employees are required to forward work related content to the appropriate person(s).

Sony employees shall have no access to other employees' emails or accounts and are prohibited accessing other emails accounts.

Sony may monitor email messages without prior notice.

Policy Compliance

SONY's IT staff will verify compliance to this email policy by implementing multi-dimensional metrics through patterns and abnormalities of data in email servers, randomized email screenings, work-place monitoring and surveillance and internal and external audits.


There no exceptions to this policy.


Any employee who fails to comply with this policy will thereby have breached this email policy and may result in disciplinary action.

Related Standards, Policies and Processes

Sony's data encryption standards.

Updated: May 20, 2021
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