Trapped in a Rut

Here are some Signs and Solutions

Life has its ups and downs and everyone experiences both at some point in their lives. It is only comforting to know you are progressing in life still okay to know even though you are on a downward spiral, you will recover soon. How about when you are stuck in a rut? Your life just seems to be stagnant, what happens?

Signs you might be in a Rut

Recognizing that you are stuck is the first step to getting out and there are various signs to determine if you are going through a tough patch.

They are:

  • Each day seems the same: Once you are having a repetition of each day with no significant event or achievements to show for, then you are stuck in a rut. This could come as a result of no motivation to achieve something new each passing day.
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    You just live each day as it comes and hope for a better one someday.

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  • You do not feel motivated: Motivation comes from positive energy within you which is driven by the factors and people who surround you. This feeling might not totally be as a result of your environment as there could be a whole lot of positive vibe around you but you just don't seem to connect to it to be able to achieve something great to make a difference.
  • You feel unfulfilled: Unfulfillment is a feeling that is unavoidable by anyone who is in a rut. Going by the first two points mentioned above, fulfillment can only come by achieving something tangible each passing day. Without the right motivation, drive and zeal to act accordingly and do exploits each passing day, the feeling of unfulfillment will definitely set in, leaving you downcast.
  • You're always reminiscing about the past: While it is always good to look back on the past and enjoy some amazing memories in the head, doing this in excess is not good. You can look back on the past to appreciate how far you have come, learn lessons and make plans on how to move forward. That is okay and healthy for every human being with purpose in life.

In the case where you replace the present reality with the memories of the past, then you can be sure you are stuck. Dwelling on memories of the past is surely not a good way on how to get out of a rut.

  • You daydream about alternate universes: Dwelling in the stagnant situation you might be in would definitely get boring and tiring after a while. You then start painting alternate universes in which things were different and you were living better. All these assumption based instances you create in your head are very crucial signs you are stuck where you do not want to be in. It simply means you wish for better times and days which you do not have.
  • You become overly pessimistic: Not being positive about situations is a very good sign for you to know you are stuck in a rut. Even when all seems good and you have assurance from people around you that something good can/will come out of a situation, you don't just seem to get excited enough to put much effort into achieving the desired goal. You'd rather take solace in the fact that it could go bad so when it does, you feel justified with yourself.
  • You don't prioritize your health and well-being: Anyone with a purpose and a goal-driven mentality always cares for their health, diet and their well-being. If you do not find yourself doing this, then you can very well conclude that you are stuck because you do not see any good that comes with living good.

Get out of that Rut with the following Tips

Knowing the signs is not just good enough to get yourself out a rut. You need to know the actual things to do and the steps to take in order know how to get out of a rut. The steps described below are pretty easy and simple to perform but they do work.

They are

  • Get some air: Getting some fresh air is so underrated. That long lonely walk in the park or the woods, getting some fresh air and oxygen from the trees is a very refreshing exercise. The cool breeze from the trees does as much as calm your nerves and relieves you of every tension you might be feeling. While you are getting the air, try as much as possible not to brood or think about any sad incidents. Spend that time enjoying nature and its beauty.
  • Work on small tasks: When you find yourself in a rut, do not overload yourself with so much work to clear up or so many things to fix. Start small and work your way up to the complex things. Sort your emails, clear your desk before moving to assignments and tasks. This way, you feel more organized and settled to accomplish so much more.
  • Talk to a Friend: "A problem shared is a problem halved". Getting out of a rut might seem quite difficult but the first step to achieving this is talking to a friend or someone you confide in. Talking or pouring your mind out to someone who can listen is actually really soothing. Doing this will lift the burdens you bear off your heart and give your friend an opportunity to advice you or help you get out of your situation.
  • Develop a new routine: Your current routine might be responsible for you feeling stuck. Especially when you live a triangular life and do not get to meet new people or attend social gatherings. Try out a new workout routine, work schedule and social circle then you would see yourself gradually loosening up.
  • Avoid being hard on yourself: It is acceptable to own the blame or fault for whatever is happening to you but you don't have to be so hard on yourself. Everyone passes through this phase and they get out someway somehow. You might find yourself messing little things up or being clumsy, take a deep breath, take it easy and take things one after the other.
  • Live in the present: In as much as you might have had an amazing past when the going was good, try not to dwell too much on that as it will only get you disturbed. Focus on the present and develop plans on how to make things better with you.

In conclusion, finding yourself in a rut can be really frustrating especially when you had good times. This article illustrates the signs to look out for and how to get out of a rut. All hope is not lost and you aren't a miserable person, you are just passing through a phase in life.

Updated: May 20, 2021
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