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Traits of Transformational Leaders

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (518 words)
Categories: Leader
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The leaders who use this kind of leadership style normally portray certain personality traits that help them to effectively undertake their leadership role. The leaders have high moral and ethical values that they adhere to (Babou, 2009). This helps them to remain honest with their followers and communicate effectively. It also helps them attract more followers who trust them and who remain committed to them. The followers develop genuine trust for their leaders and undertake any tasks that the leaders ask them to perform without question.

The followers are also able to share the issues that are affecting them comfortably with their leaders who are then able to help them. The leaders are also known to have inspirational visions that enable them to set goals for themselves, their organizations and their followers to attain. These visions are strategically developed and designed towards the future of the organization. The leaders also set short term goals that lead to the attainment of the overall vision.

With the inspirational and strategic vision, the leader is able to guide the followers with a clear direction of where they are headed and the goals that they want to achieve. The leaders also openly communicate the vision and the goals with their followers in a way that ensures that they understand what the leaders expect from them and what they intend to achieve at the end of it all. The leaders are also known to act beyond their self interests and seek to achieve goals that will satisfy the interests of the majority (Babou, 2009).

They seek to solve social problems and issues that are beyond them by persuading followers to come together and support them to attain these goals. They also involve their followers in their decision making process as a way of motivating the employees, teaching and inspiring them to become leaders like them. They involve their followers in the decision making process as a way of mentoring them in the process and support them in their weak areas as well as encouraging them to do better. The leaders also become genuinely interested in the issues that affect their followers.

They offer their support and encouragement to their followers as they undertake their work. They reward their followers when they make a positive achievement. They also portray confidence in themselves and their decisions. This helps them to attract followers who are drawn by the confidence they have in themselves. Their courage also helps them face problems and issues that affect their followers and communicate to their followers during tough times (Babou, Transformational Leadership – Confidence, 2008).

Transformational leaders are also consistent in their actions, goals and in their speech as they address their followers. This consistency allows them to build trust between them and their followers and this grows into commitment on the part of the followers. The consistency approach also enables the leaders to keep their followers cohesive as a team and they are then able to transform each other. With their consistency, they are able to attract more followers who are attracted by their record of consistency and their achievements.

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