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Essay on Tradition

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A comparative analysis of traditional software engineering and agile software development

When the size of the project is large, the software development approach is based on the cost or budget limitations, timeframe taken by the approach, and the flexibility of the approach. This is because, the organizations designs information systems that are economical in that they does not affect their profitability and operations. Approaches that are cheap and are executed in a short span of tim...

Home School vs Traditional School

On the one hand, they both have a similar routine, a similar chance to learn and the textbooks are also similar. On the other hand, they are different because homeschool is more individual, there are less chances to meet new friends and the learning is usually faster. OPINION Finally, if you go to homeschool or traditional school you still have to study a lot and really want to succeed, so in the...

Traditional Classes VS Online Classes

It is against the rule to sleep, eat and text during the class period. With the rules in the classroom, students are far less distracted, and will learn much more than online classes. Online students can violet any of the above mentioned rules because there will be no guidance, and their chance of focusing on learning is very low. Most important part of taking traditional classes is having an oppo...

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Marriage in Traditional African Society and It's Televance

The dowry ceremony is still relevant in today’s society as it’s a sign of appreciation to the bride’s family for taking care of her. Polygamy in traditional Luo society is rampant. The man was allowed to marry to marry as many wives as he wished. This practice, though now constitutional is irrelevant in that most Luo men of today are Christians and conduct religious wedding ceremonies which...

Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning

Agosto, Denise E., Andrea J. Copeland, and Lisl Zach. “Testing the Benefits of Blended Education: Using Social Technology to Foster Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing In Face-To-Face LIS Courses.” Journal Of Education For Library & Information Science 54.1 (2013): 94-107. Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text. Web. 15 Apr. 2014. Carnevale, Dan. “Employer...

Online marketing vs Traditional marketing

Lacking an actual presence: The customer struggles to actually feel or decide to try on the merchandise which may be a restriction for several products. Nevertheless a study of customers of cosmetics services and products suggests that e-mail marketing may be used to interest a customer to search well for a shop to get one of these solutions or even to consult with sales representatives. Hard to ...

Religious Tradition Depth Study – Christianity

Thus for the individual there is significance in the sense of belonging experienced, the sharing with a community of common mind and faith. For the community, the process of supporting a person through their preparation and welcoming them into the community through baptism is also highly significant. The community is invigorated when it is engaged in the task of the gospel and enriched by the pres...

Online education vs. traditional classroom

retrieved from: http://itl.uconn.edu/studentguide/SH_Classroom_vs_Online.html, http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/similarities-between-taking-classes-online-campus-4755.html,http://educationportal.com/articles/The_Differences_Between_Online_and_Traditional_Classroom_Educations.html and http://bestonlineuniversities.com/key-differences-between-online-learning-and-traditional-campus-based-classes/...

Traditional Marriage vs Same-Sex Marriage

The same arguments for traditional and same-sex marriage can be used, but in a different direction. They both make good points, but people on both sides feel very strongly about what their beliefs are. Same-sex marriage will not hurt anyone, but not granting marriage equality could harm couples who wish to marry in the event of an emergency, therefore the government should recognize same-sex relat...

Rite of Passage

So, as I’ve said before. Doesn’t matter how hard, silly, big, small, easy can a rite of passage be. It would always be important. It is always going to be worth it, remarkable in your life. It would always in some way make you feel part of a community. It makes you realize and connect with other people that have been through the same that you have. A rite of passage also helps you to be prepar...

Plantation and Oral Tradition in Margaret Walker's Jubilee

1. Campbell, Donna M. "The Plantation Tradition in Local Color Fiction. "Literary Movements. Dept. of English, Washington State University. 07/04/2013. Web. 09/03/2013. 2. Staggers, Gail. “Talkin’ Loud: Black Oral Tradition.” Yale-New Haven Teachers’ Institute. Web. 09/04/2013. 3. Walker, Margaret. “Jubilee.” New York: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1966. Print. 4. Warren, Kenneth W. “Bla...

Wedding Traditions around the world

Finally, after going around the world and exploring how diverse our world is we can see that a wedding ceremony is one of the most important occasions around the world. We saw how traditions are taken seriously and still followed by most. Although every country, culture, or region differs in tradition, attire, gift exchange, and length of ceremonies we all tie the knot in our own unique ways, and ...

Description of San Fermin Festival Customs

The origin of the actual bull running came from Northeastern Spain during the fourteenth century. In order for Farmers to transport their cattle they would scare and prod the bulls up the street in order to make them move them from corrals to the bull ring where they would be killed later that night. On the way to the bull ring children or young men trying to show how brave they were would jump in...

Human Issues in Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

I can use sociological imagination andplace myself outside of the American culture and look in. We as Americans do take extreme measures to change the appearance of our bodies to make it look better. We use procedures as pulling hair off our face; and go even as far as using a laser to completely burn the hair follicle where it never returns. American people conduct drastic procedures such as putt...

Tyranny of customs

Their effect on our economic life is not insignificant. They are the root cause of our poverty, ignorance, unhappiness, back-Wirdness, strife, disunity and what not. They have prevented the people from marching ahead and have kept them poor, Ignorant and exploited. It is high time we refused to yield to these stupid, illogical and ridiculous customs and listen to the voice of reason. The tyrannica...

Traditional vs Alternative Medicine

The sad part of the plight is a variety of side-effects caused due to the antibiotics. In fact, some of the medicines prescribed for headache have been banned in certain countries due to harmful effects on other organs of the body. On the other hand, a simple massage therapy, meditation session, yoga or practice of 'tai chi' can permanently cure headache. Thus alternate system rates over tradition...

Traditiona banking vs modern banking

The management of the Bank is under the Managing Director who is supported by Eight (8) functional Directorates namely Finance, Banking Operations, Credit, Information Technology, Internal Audit, Legal Services, MD’s Office and Human Resources & Administration, each headed by a functional Director. The functional directors are assisted by managers. The branches are managed by Branch Managers...

Integrated Patrol v. Traditional Policing

The least resisitance in this scenario I believe will be coming from Peter. I believe he isn’t trying to throw up any kind of resistance at all. His main number one goal it seems to me is to have an copasetic well organized and well operating force as well as. He is smart enough to know that resistance against this idea from chief would not change the courser of action that the chief would requ...

Traditional medicine

However, they can also have a negative side that made people have headache. Secondly, alternative medicine is not cheaper and faster than other medicine. For example, some modern medicines are made in nature and their effective are four or five times as alternative medicines and also they are much cheaper, such as aspirin, penicillin and analgesic, for example. In conclusion, this essay has highli...

Traditional Project Delivery Method

The time available for the project is such that the detailed design of the project is completed or may be substantially completed before construction commences. Few variations to the project design are expected to be required during construction. AS2124 general conditions of contract have been selected as a benchmark however the latest revision to AS2124 has been renumbered as AS4000 and is a subs...

Tradition versus Modernity

Modernity has enabled people to live more comfortable lives. Communication and wellbeing have been greatly improved by modernity. But of course, there are always people who say that technology is going too far, or that it is disrupting a person’s privacy, but in this researcher’s opinion, one need only exercise caution in making use of websites or materials that could potentially damage onesel...

Online shopping vs. Traditional Shopping

In conclusion, both methods of shopping are full of differences and similarities that make them unique in some approach. Traditional shopping allows for inclusion of the five senses, quick and safe transactions, and a more formal experience that includes the customer; whereas Internet shopping is convenient and easy, provides increased option, and helps to save money. Due to the variation in execu...

Online class compared to a traditional class

Therefore, as an alternative, online class can still be considered effective and advantageous for selected group of students but is deemed to fall short of sufficiency and efficiency when applied to students early academic training. Based on this premise, the author proposes a merger or combination of online and traditional learning methodologies to enhance a student’s learning experience. A tea...

Thanksgiving Dinner

What was once a peaceful place where all would flock towards was now a disaster zone taped off for quarantine and can only be infiltrated with a biohazard suit on. Thanksgiving dinners are always sure to be memorable, each year just as special as the last. Although the feast was heavenly, it wasn’t merely the food that makes this an unbelievable experience year after year; it was also the family...

Defying Tradition

Call it The "Bridesmaids" Effect: Ever since the R-rated 2011 comedy became a runaway hit … a rash of female-written comedies are enticing viewers with provocative new characters who are more like women we know. Headland says the new breed of funny female writers arose out of frustration, and feminism. Actresses such as Kendrick, Snow, Wilson and others say these new female-created characters lo...

Informative Speech Presentation on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving traditions don't end on Thanksgiving Day. In the 1950s, the day after Thanksgiving was called Black Friday by factory managers because so many workers called in sick and the Philadelphia Police Department took to calling the day Black Friday to describe the traffic jams, crowds and shoplifters during the start of the holiday shopping season. Black Fr...

Online Shopping vs Traditional Shopping

The online shopping industry is growing more and more and there is good reason to believe that this growth will continue. One major factor to this prediction is that people are in fact saving money online because of the vast availability of items and because of the competition this creates among online stores. Despite its advantages, online shopping is still a relatively new concept for most peopl...

Role of Woman in Lao She's Novel Rickshaw

Xiangzi is the only one who does not see this and it is to his own immense detriment. His many character flaws are revealed in his enormous ego, stubbornness, shortsightedness, and staunch mistrust of others' advice, especially advice from women. His prejudice against Hu Niu has been particularly hardened by societal beliefs and the traditional stigma that follows sharp and able women. Xiangzi is...

Traditional Policing within Law Enforement

So it is evident that community policing has decreased crime in many areas, but it is also obvious that it needs improvement in many areas, as well. When one compares traditional policing to community oriented policing, then it appears quite clear that this change is for the better. The objectives that it has are also good, but will be changed depending on the area that they are being implemented,...

Digital Learning vs Traditional

While the National Center for Education Statistics reports that 97 percent of all teachers had access to a computer in their classroom in 2009, only 72 percent of all teachers, and 64 percent of secondary school teachers, said they used computers for instruction. 25 The use of technology—defined as information technology such as computers, devices that can be attached to computers (e. g. , LCD p...

Chaucer’s Contribution to the Development of English Literary Tradition

This leads to a lot of conflict in a group of pilgrims formed by members of that same society. It is sometimes argued that the greatest contribution that this work made to English literature was in popularising the literary use of the vernacular, English, rather than French or Latin. English had, however, been used as a literary language for centuries before Chaucer's life, and several of Chaucer'...

Vietnamese New Year Celebration

On the third day of Tet, the circle of connections becomes larger and is extended to the broader community outside the family by visits to teachers, bosses or a helpful physician to show respect. The third day marks the ending of the celebration. For most Vietnamese, Tet is a time for family gatherings, a time to pay respects to their ancestors, a time to relax from all the hard work from the prev...

Traditional budgeting system

Caldwell (1978) argues that the introduction of PPBS has not been successfully everywhere, because of largely misunderstood concepts in an environment which has traditionally been resistant to change and with little consideration of the practical realities involved. As a result, PPBS became a theoretically sound, but operationally impractical way to plan, budget, account for and manage a governmen...

Military Customs and Courtesies

The Army's customs and courtesies are guidelines that are used to show respect and act as a symbol of solidarity among soldiers in the army. The respect that Army personal shows each other is one of the key things that set military soldiers from everyone else. As a future officer or even as in existing officer, it is important to adhere to this regulation. It was put in place not to make you do "a...

Philippine Marriage Customs

In the land of the Ibanags, when a young man's fancy turns to love, his father turns poet. Usually, the father's first concern is the right time for their sons to marry, usually between the ages of 16 and 18. The parents decide who will be the right girl. They employ the help of two respected and prominent friends to do the actual proposing. These two men called kumakagon intercept for the boy's p...

Christmas vs Thanksgiving

Yes, Christmas and Barbie had my heart at one point in my life, and I would have considered anyone a foe who spoke out against my beloved presents; however, it’s nice to see that I now am mature enough to say that all I want for Christmas is for my family to be together. Going off to college in less than a year, I no longer take family time for granted, and I don’t think I ever will again. We ...

Community Policing vs. Traditional Policing

1)The Official Website of the City of Clearwater, FL., The Community and its History of Community-Policing., (2006). Retrieved from http://www.clearwaterpolice.org/cp/cp_history.asp2)Leineweber, G. V., (200-2005), Leine's 10-42 Hideaway., History of Policing, Retrieved from http://www.leineshideaway.com/PoliceHistory.html3)History.com., Police., (n.d.)., Retrieved from http://www.history.com/encyc...

The dangers of Following Traditions Blindly

The short story "The Lottery" uses a great amount of symbols to deliver what the author wants her readers to see. Symbols such as the characters' names, the black box, and the lottery itself make up the story and foreshadow events and ideas that later present themselves. In conclusion, by using these symbols, Shirley Jackson was able to successfully portray her emotions towards man's carelessness....

Elaine Showalter-The Female Tradition

"The Female Tradition" is a record of the conditions and struggle that women breathed through to gain agency andchoice for their sex. Therefore even though Showalter does not pursue the full scope of her questions, she nevertheless opens the opportunity for individuals following her to further her theory and critically analyse the homogenizing politics of literary history, from not just the perspe...

Family Culture And Traditions

It's relieving to have a few constants in one's life. Am also for the idea that these family traditions teach values and this is achieved by for instance through family stories where the value of education, life-long learning and reading is instilled; and through regular family dinners or parties, the centrality of familial togetherness is instilled. With all this in mind, I will definitely carry ...

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