Too Much Diversity

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President Bill Baldwin of Bladwin Scientific Instruments has a diversity issue on his hands between his Latino supervisors and Vietnamese assemblers. Tran, a Vietnamese assembler has complained to Mr. Baldwin regarding the disrespect shown by the Latino supervisors to the Vietnamese assemblers. Tran states that the supervisors are rude to them, speak negatively about them in Spanish, and disrespected the work they did (Mathis, Jackson, Nkomo, Fottler, McAfee, 2012, p.

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35). If I were Mr. Baldwin I would be talking to the Latino’s supervisor regarding this employee relations issue and why he has not handled the issue presently.

Mr. Baldwin needs to lie out expectations from his management team that any discriminatory or harassment related acts will not be tolerated. He needs to speak with HRM and his management team and let them know that there are HR policies and laws that they must follow within the workplace. “The EEOC has issued guidelines on racial/ethnic harassment and the commission has advised companies to adopt policies against harassment of any type, including ethnic jokes, vulgar epithets, racial slurs, and physical actions” (Mathis, Jackson, Nkomo, Fottler, McAfee, 2012, p.30). Based upon Tran’s complaint and complete investigation needs to take place regarding possible discriminatory and racial/ethnic harassment and if needed disciplinary actions need to be taken against guilty parties.

Mr. Baldwin was made aware by the sales manager that new business was coming in and it was a large account that was going to require hiring additional five skilled assemblers. Mr. Baldwin knew posting the positions in the southern California newspapers would result in mostly Latino and Vietnamese applicant.

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Mr. Baldwin should act with HRM to create a hiring policy that allows for a greater diverse workforce. HRM needs to invest in different recruiting methods to attract diverse candidates other than the majority of Latinos or Vietnamese. Reaching out to local colleges, local churches, county and city offices, posting job openings on job boards, etc. will allow the word of job openings to spread to different diverse groups. “Plan to post job opportunities on a wide variety of online employment websites, such as Times Change Women Employment Service, Diversity Link, LGBT Job World and Simply Hired as well as newspapers and magazines that target different ages, minority groups and alternative lifestyle communities. Arrange to attend a variety of job fairs and recruitment events, including those which highlight the achievements and credentials of visible minorities, women and alternative lifestyle groups” (Wolski, n.d.).

Mr. Baldwin should also look to change his management team and add more diversity to it. This will enable all employees to feel as though they are being evaluated based in their work and not on their race/ethnicity. Doing this Mr. Baldwin is able to create a healthier environment and have the Vietnamese feel as though they are respected. I believe Baldwin Scientific Instruments is not too diverse, I actually think they are lacking in diversity. If there was more diversity among management and assemblers the harassment and discriminatory issues could dissipate. There will always be employee relations issue to deal with in any company, but having a large diverse workforce can create effectiveness within the workplace. “Companies that hire the best talent from a diverse group of employees can operate more effectively than less-diverse companies. The best available talent means a company’s collective education and experience are greater than most competitive companies. Also, companies that hire more diverse employees tend to inspire their workers to perform to the best of their ability, according to In addition, more experienced and educated people tend to be better at planning, time management, goal setting, work delegation and projects completed on time” (Suttle, n.d.).

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