TikTok Videos Have Negative Impact on One's Body Image

In a clothing store, I ask my friend: “What about this one?” “Oh my god, you should really download TikTok and see what others wear.” my friend tells me. She takes me to another counter and says that this is the latest fashion this year. I saw a lot of people wearing this style of clothes, but it would be boring to see more. Just like the TikTok platform, in the past, everyone posted their ideas on thisTikTok. Some people post short films with special effects, some people post random scenery on the roadside.

But later people find that remaking a popular short video gets more likes and comments than creating a new one. Gradually, Tiktok was filled with the replica. After watching hundreds of near-identical short videos, I lost patience with TikTok, and what’s worse, I found that it was subtly changing our aesthetics of appearance and dress. Frequent changes on TikTok about beauty can make us feel less confident about ourselves.

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People like to watch short videos of beautiful young ladies on TikTok.

We all have a desire for beauty, but after watching so many of these videos, our subconscious mind will compare ourselves to them. In sociology, Leon Festinger(1954) describes social comparison theory in this way: “There exists, in the human organism, a drive to evaluate his opinions and his abilities… To the extent that objective non- Social means are not available, people evaluate their opinions and abilities by comparison respectively with the opinions and abilities of others.

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” By comparing themselves with beautiful young ladies unintentionally, women are prone to fall into anxiety, low self-esteem, and other negative emotions. And relatively speaking, this behavior has a greater impact on women than men, because women pay more attention to appearance, and they often hope that the photo information posted on social media can get praised and recognized. Although the above is about photo research on social media, it should also be applicable to TikTok’s videos.

The more interactive and immersive experience of Tik Tok has no less impact on users than social media based on text and photos. The “brainwashing” effect of TikTok is much stronger than that of other social media. After we see too many beautiful and perfect girls on platforms such as TikTok, we may be dissatisfied with ourselves, and the corresponding requirements and standards will also be different. Worst of all, this effect is likely to be negative for us. In new media, People’s perceptions of beauty change quickly. Take, for example, the Kardashian family’s hip aesthetic, which has been a hit on Instagram. Many people go for hip surgery to avoid falling behind in fashion. Fashions are always changing, but the physical and mental damage to women caused by surgery is irreversible. In addition to the aesthetic changes in body shape, the aesthetic changes in clothing taste are also extremely significant in TikTok.

In 2020, La Girl Style, which is gradually becoming popular on Tik Tok, has attracted girls. In fact, the change of fashion every year is normal, but the La Girl Style wearing Brandy Melville is different. Brandy Melville is an Italian clothing brand that has become popular in the United States because of its casual, comfortable and passionate style. The uniqueness of this brand is “One Size fits all”, that is, all single products have only small sizes. This sounds very unreasonable, because everyone has a different body shape, but the new media platform is taking advantage of this to promote “only those who can wear Brandy Melville are beautiful and attractive girls.” So the girls are determined to lose weight, proud of being able to wear Brandy Melville clothes. As we all know, blind pursuit of thinness can easily lead to health problems such as anemia and hair loss, but the media will not tell you these. They keep launching new popular styles and colors, advocating the idea of “beauty by thinness”, and make people feel anxious.

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