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This issue has persisted for a long time now primarily

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Essay, Pages 4 (920 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (920 words)

This issue has persisted for a long time now, primarily, because companies tend not to keep the best interest of the user in mind when it comes to the timing and placement of their advertisement. The fact of the matter is that all the companies, including Accenture, need to learn to approach their audience in more non-intrusive ways, this guarantees the user actually being interested in what the advertisement has to offer. One way of doing this can be to intelligently weave advertisements into relevant content.

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The issue that users have, has all to do with the nature of the ads that they’re shown, and its disparity compared to the content that they are browsing at the same instant. Breaking down this barrier and providing the audience with relevant ads is where the future of advertisement lies.

Targeting an International Audience

The second prime issue that Accenture’s cybersecurity division faces when it comes to marketing is adequately targeting its international audience.

A key component of marketing is knowing how to use the right content to target your international audience. While the company’s primary website is optimized to be displayed in a number of varying languages, it’s not all that is required for appealing to people on an international level. The general content tends to vary according to the particular country. If you search out keywords for a specific topic, you’ll notice that they defer in varying countries. This is because different types of content can hold varying importance for people in different countries.

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Targeting an international audience is no simple task. It needs to be approached from the perspective of content marketing, taking into account any supplementary resources that may be required by the team.


Big companies tend to have visitors from across the world that speak a plethora of different languages and live in differing time zones. That is why, to make the content more appealing to a much wider audience, Accenture needs to prioritize its global visitors and keep them on the top of their mind whenever they create any new content. So, slight differences in varying forms of notation such as monetary references, seasonal references, and units of measure might not seem like much, but they need to be catered to as well.

That is why it is highly important for the cybersecurity division to know what the company’s audience is and study them. This measure needs to be put in place because, otherwise, the company runs the risk of producing disarrayed cybersecurity advertising approaches and campaigns. Their message will not gain any credibility and continue to fall flat.

There are three important steps to be taken when targeting another country:

1) Always partner with a local company of the country

2) Hire a fluent speaker – no translation snafus

3) Understand where a surplus of your existing traffic comes from

Acquiring Credible User Information

Another major pitfall when it comes to marketing for Accenture Cybersecurity and most other companies is data. That is primarily owing to the fact that marketers tend to make use of data from nine distinct sources to gain some knowledge of the preferences and behaviors of different consumers (figure 1).

This is an effective technique that is employed to segment audiences. This way, the disintegration prohibits them from assembling data in a proper and organized manner so that its quality is maintained. The primary reason behind failing to make data credible is the absence of proper analytical tools. In order to enhance pricing, data is gathered from a number of varying sources that include third-party data, audience data, order data, etc. This is often much too large to make it feasible enough to ensure quality. Moreover, this also prevents the company from effectively measuring its RoI when it comes to cross-channel advertisement. It is impossible to effectively create and maintain a sole view of customers when the sources of data are too dissimilar to allow any sort of proper analysis and use.


While the obstacles of acquiring credible user data seem substantially challenging, they pose even greater threats for the near future of advertising if the system prevails as is. Advertisements are expected to be much more personal and valuable, targeted to the right audience. While solutions to this problem seem to be somewhat unapproachable as of yet, it is evident that information far deeper than merely age and gender is required in order to create quality, targeted ads and guarantee their effective nature. User data maintained to create personalized advertisements needs to revolve around human behavior and ought not to limit itself to a certain age or a certain gender.

Moreover, in order to make use of data in an effective manner, a much tighter systems integration is necessary. The reason is that integrating the internal systems – particularly the ones that support operation and sales – evidently leads to increased visibility and effectiveness of advertisements. By linking the external systems, the use of programmatic – employing technologies and algorithms for purchasing ad space – can be significantly increased. By properly integrating the entire system, the decision-making process can be enhanced by employing salesforce mechanization solutions. This way, salespeople are easily able to organize and manage the entire process. They won’t have to work with varying spreadsheets, emails, and numerous other tools. By making use of a more ‘closed-loop’ structure, the salesforce will be able to motivate individuals to incorporate the very same updated, accurate data, meaning, that they will maintain a sole version of the correct data. Thus, being able to make much better choices regarding the timing and placement of their ads.





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