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Things Fall Apart Essay Examples

Essay on Things Fall Apart

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Discourse On Colonialism

Currently in syria there is an uprising in a place resembling the slums in which Kaffir Boy takes place. Mark grew up in a place where jobs were hard to come by, and people were dragged out of their houses at night by the police and were sometimes shot. This week in syria, “Islamist extremists in Syria’s insurgency killed 150 soldiers in a battle for control of an Aleppo suburb this week, incl...

Tragic Character and Plot in Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart is surprisingly Greek as it includes features of a tragic character and a tragic plot. The tragic flaws in Okonkwo often control his life while they lead to his catastrophic death. Numerous character qualities from Aristotle’s Poetics are within Okonkwo, influencing his attitude and relationship with others. Meanwhile, components of tragic plot are at work, generating surprise...

Analyze Africa's actions and reacions during European scramble for Africa DBQ

Though they were not successful in ridding themselves of the Europeans until much later, the Africans put up a fight to get the White Man who oppressed them out of their land, after he charmed them with his false pretenses. Another supplemental document that may be used to analyze these two groups is an excerpt from the book “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. This work of literature depicts...

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Things Fall Apart: Literary Analysis

”The killing of Ikemefuna who had become a part of Okonkwo’s family,” writes Foofo, Fafa when explaining that the murder of Ikemefuna by his so called father was provided by the author to understand the novel, and most of all culture and society of the Ibo, and how they are coarse and uncivilized in many ways. The Ibo society is uncivilized despite the fact that it is first shown as a civili...

Things Fall Apart Clash of culture

Language is also a sign of culture clash in the novel. Language is an important theme in Things Fall Apart on several levels. In indicating the original and often formal language of the Igbo, Achebe emphasizes that Africa was not the silent or confusing island. Rather, by scattering the novel with Igbo words, Achebe shows that the Igbo language is too complex for direct translation into English. S...

Role of engineers in Nation Building

Some should move into engineering management and sales. In sales and management, an engineering background enables one to discuss the technical aspects of projects/products and assist in the planning, installation and product use. With such a vast and varied nature of their job, they are really the backbone of a nation’s building and development, and their role should not be neglected in a natio...

Contrasting "Conflict in Things Fall Apart" and "Heart of Darkness"

More specifically, one can observe the trials of the two novels' main characters. Both main characters are tragic heroes and develop such dreadful internal conflict that in the end both are led to destruction, this conflict is rooted very differently for each of them. In Heart of Darkness, inner station manager Kurtz is found by Marlow in a state of essential insanity; an intellectual and economic...

Fear in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Finally, Okonkwo's fear of turning out like his father affects the overall work in three main ways. It leads to the story's denouement. Okonkwo's unwillingness to accept change led to his death in the end of the story. He could never have been happy in a society where masculinity was not important. He had rather not live than live in a "Womanish" village. Further, Okonkwo's fear of being unmasculi...

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe: Character Symbolism

The symbolism that served for each of the three characters played an important role in the plot. The relation between the characters and how they reacted to each other helped to build the plot. Okonkwo symbolized fire, Nwoye symbolized wind, and Ikemefuna symbolized a witling flower. Achebe's novel "Things Fall Apart," shows a great use of symbolism that can determine what the characters are. The ...

Things Fall Apart: Quote Hunt

'Where have you been...answer me...before I kill you' he hit him with two or three savage blows but then left hold of Nwoye, who walked away and never returned" (152). Okonkwo immediately concluded that Nwoye betrayed their culture only because he was seen with the white missionaries. Okonkwo has much pride in himself and his culture, but he lacks patience and compassion. Achebe ultimately display...

Characters in Chinua Achebe's Books

weakness and adapt to changing society that he could not play an important role anymore due to the arrival of the white men. Okonkwo is a memorable character as he shows true-to-life strengths and true-to-life flaws. Through Achebes excellent use of direct method of characterization, effective use of foil and his robust dialogues, the reader not only sees Okonkwos character, but understands it as ...

The fall of Umuofia in "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe

Primarily, Mr. Brown is to blame for the downfall of Umuofia. He was able to socially connect with the Umuofians, as if he was on their side. The relationships he made with the natives supplied him with the status he needed to appear likable and genial. However, it was their own foolishness that conclusively brought the fall of Umuofia; to think Mr. Brown had good intentions was critically false b...

Things Fall Apart Essay: Okonkwo the tragic hero

Okonkwo's uncontrollable anger is another flaw that prevents him from true greatness and ultimately destroys his life. To discipline Nwoye, he becomes very rough on his son. For example, when Nwoye overhears that Ikemefuna was to be "taken home the next day, [Nwoye] burst into hears, whereupon his father beat him heavily" (40). Okonkwo's inability to control his infuriation eventually drives his ...

Rabindranath Tagore

His masterpiece were "One Hundred Years of Solitude", "The Autumn of the Patriarch" and "Love in the Time of Cholera". By melding two apparently divergent abstract conventions — the realist and the fabulist — Mr. García Márquez progressed an element abstract structure, enchantment authenticity, that appeared to catch both the secretive and the unremarkable characteristics of life in a rottin...

Things Fall Apart: The Downfall of Okonkwo

Overall Okonkwo had the determination to overcome his pre-determined destiny, but in the end he could not escape his fathers deathly fate. Okonkwo ends up dying similarly to his father. Both he and his father die in disrespectful fashion to the earth. Okonkwo commits the most mortal sin of Umuofia culture and takes his own life. The downfall of Okonkwo was unavoidable from the beginning. This sho...

Things Fall Apart Essay on Traditions and Beliefs

Her husband and his family were already becoming highly critical of such a woman and were not unduly perturbed when they found she had fled to join the Christians.” (p.151) the villagers had thought for sure after doing all this, the white men would be killed but instead they continued with their lives as though nothing had happened. These beliefs were a large part of their society and normal l...

Hubris in Time of the Hero and Thing Fall Apart

In fact both, Okonkwo and the Jaguar are characters shaped and extremely well adapted to their social environment, which is surely a main cause of their excessive pride. However, both writers also seems to link the notion of hubris to determinism as the choice of both characters to live in hubris, leads them to their own social downfall, and in the case of Okonkwo; to his own destruction. Neverthe...

Pike by Ted Hughes

Stanzas 8-11 suddenly expand outwards, and return us to a personal experience – Hughes fishing in an ancient pond, fishing for pike that he imagines to be as ancient as the monks that created it, as ancient as the idea of England itself. And as he fishes for the pike, we get a sense of reversal – the poet, who spoke so convincingly of his expertise, experience and veneration for the animal for...

Things Fall Apart

They believe more than one god and each person has their own chi. Also, they have different ways to avoid war. For example, when a girl got killed from Umofia in another village, to avoid from a possible war, the Ibo society wanted a virgin and a lag from the other village. In conclusion, Okankwo’s village is a savage community. People are not equal, they are violent and they believe only men ar...

Masculinity: Slavery in the United States

Education is something one needs. It will be hard for many to function through life without an education and he showed anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. There were many differences between Okonkwo and Frederick Douglass but both men had a purpose in life as men and I believed they both accomplished what they were looking for even though ones went better than the other. Okonkwo's demis...

Things Fall Apart Analytical Essay

Chinua Achebe portrays Okonkwo as a very admired and famous leader. When there is a cultural collision with some Western people, his identity is lost because of the respect that is lost from his people. By this time “The Africa of the empires is dying… And Europe too where we are joined by the naval” (Senghor, 182). He then handles this collision with violence and when he has had all he can ...

Themes in Things Fall Apart

Many of the villagers are excited about the new opportunities and techniques that the missionaries bring. This European influence, however, threatens to extinguish the need for the mastery of traditional methods of farming, harvesting, building, and cooking. These traditional methods, once crucial for survival, are now, to varying degrees, dispensable. Throughout the novel, Achebe shows how depend...

Okonkwo as Morally Ambiguous Character

In the end Okonkwo faces what he fears the most – weakness and inability to take action. In the image of Okonkwo the author shows that there are no purely good or evil personalities. Works Cited Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. London: Heinemann, 1958. Leach, Josephine. A Study of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart in mid-America. The English Journal, 60, 8 (1971): pp. 1052-1056. Noromele, Pa...

Comparing Diverse African Cultures

There were also pots of yam pottage. It was a great feast.” (Achebe 104). Everyone, all over the world, eats food; it is the recipes and different dishes that make the experience diverse. Similarly in Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu, Bola uses food to welcome home her son. “We must make a feast, we must have a big feast. I must tell the neighbors at once.” (Abioseh 3). Bola’s excitement that he...

Things Fall Apart and the Case Against Imperialism

33. While the traditional figure of Okonkwo can in no doubt be seen as the central figure in the tale, Achebe chooses to relate his story in the third person rather than the first person narrative style. What benefits does he reap by adopting this approach? 34. The District Commissioner is going to title his work The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Niger. What do you interpret from thi...

English Written Task

Masculinity was shown in the fear of weakness because Okonkwo represented masculinity through his behavior. Masculinity was depicted in Okwonko's fear of weakness. In some parts of this novel, Achebe showed the reader the wrong ways to be a man by showing what was weak, causing the readers to believe the complete opposite of how a man should truly act. Okonkwo was afraid of being weak because it w...

Things Fall Apart Okonkwo's Fears

For example, after one of Okonkwo’s cousins notices Nwoye among the Christians, he informs Okonkwo. Okonkwo then chokes Nwoye by the neck, demanding where he has been after he returns (151). This shows Okonkwo was against Nwoye changing religious beliefs, he wanted Nwoye to stay with the original Ibo religious beliefs like he did. Okonkwo shows fear of his children not becoming like him. Okonkwo...

Exposé of Hypocrisy of Imperialism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness

Kurtz says everything is his own, which shows that imperialists claimed Africa is theirs and it was okay to exploit the natives as slaves. Conrad uses the dehumanization of Kurtz to exemplify his beliefs to maintain one’s morals to avoid becoming caught up in a world of materialistic desires. Mr. Kurtz is described as having a bald head similar to that of an ivory ball, leading the reader to bel...

English Written Task Rationale

Writing from the viewpoint of a strong believer in the religion, the text was written in an assertive manner towards readers, “You should.” Also, in a style that demonstrates how strongly practitioners believe in their religion, very arrogantly, almost as if it were a fact. To adapt to the style of a dummies guide, every word that is newly introduced in Igbo, is highlighted in a different font...

Gender Roles in Things Fall Apart

Achebe has an amazing gift for spotting bias that hides in plain sight; adapting against those anecdotes and historical asides, he creates something resembling a coherent story that necessitates dropping much that is important. Things Fall Apart possesses very deep meanings beyond that of avoiding stereotypes. Achebe purposely degrades women to not come across to the reader as racist, however his ...

The main character in Things Fall Apart

At first, the Christian missonaries seem like madmen and absolutely insane to the tribe. The proclamation of evil ways and how the tribe's gods were false only attacted the people of the tribe who were outcasts. Nonetheless, with Christianity also came along many more positive things such as schools and hospitals. Christian missonaries also taught the tribe that they can cre...

“Things Fall Apart”: Role and Treatment of Women

Nonetheless, the author shows that women are assigned important role despite discrimination and oppression. For example, “women painted the houses of the egwugwu”. (Achebe, 84) Certain respect is paid to the first wife of Ibo man: “Anasi, Nwakibie's first wife, had not yet arrived and the others could not drink before her”. (Achebe, 22) However, real importance of women appears after Okonk...

Dead Man’s Path by Chinua Achebe


Joseph Conrad was 'a bloody racist

I believe I am right because the evidence against Conrad is scarce and what little textual evidence there is can mostly be put down to ignorance which in my opinion can be let go, due to the fact that his overall message is an anti-racist one. I feel people who think that Joseph Conrad is racist based on Heart of darkness is wrong because of the reasons stated. Show preview only The above preview ...

Message vs. Style in Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe

The reader, in reviewing the description of the setting, thereby acquires knowledge of the central message of cultural complexity which Achebe is trying to bring across, without Achebe having to explicitly declare as such; this clearly shows how Achebe's writing style of placing information from which readers have to make their own inferences has led to our understanding the message of the novel. ...

Things Fall Apart Novel Analysis

The ending is also very surprising to me. Seeing how the District Commissioner saw the African tribes, I would have seen the tribes the same way if I saw the story from a missionary's point of view. You don't truly see how another culture is until you see it from their eyes and I think Achebe accomplished that very well. He made it possible for the reader to experience the culture of African tribe...

Things Fall Apart Character Response

Okonkwo's response was of an extreme, he stood resolutely near all that of which his life was based upon and refused to even slightly budge. Nwoye, however, bounded off to the other side, never looking back toward what he had so willingly left behind. Obierika flows into the very middle of both: he was most unquestionably conscious of what the foreigners were doing, which was slowly reverting the ...

Gender Based Discrimination in the Novel Things Fall Apart

This ideology is also widely seen in Turkey and many other Middle Eastern countries supported by “the ethnic morals”. In rural areas many women are being killed due to chastity by her kins. In cities, althogh they work more than men they are less prefered and less paid. Needless to say that, these obstacles can only be passed over with the presence of the more educated individuals who are able...

Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart

That art form shows how the Igbo people use rhetoric so plainly. We all know proverbs are meant to be well thought-out and intentional but not quickly digested and forgotten. In the quote the metaphor suggests that words are organized by proverbs for digestion. Palm oil was a common form of cooking oil, and many foods were prepared with it for use. For that reason, proverbs are the source by which...

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