Theory Essay Topics

A Theorist in Management: Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg can be described as a guru of management and business studies including managerial and national culture, organization and structure, strategy and planning. He was born in 1939 and since 1968 has been teaching in McGill University in Montréal. Henry Mintzberg is the author of thirteen books including “The Nature of Managerial Work” (1973),… View Article

Hypothetical and Scientific Reasoning vs Superstition

In a large measure, science and superstition are polar opposites. Science is based on evidentiary support, objectivity and integrity, whereas superstition has very few of these. This is despite the fact that science originally evolved from superstition and theology, for example astronomy evolved from faith, chemistry from alchemy, etc. These were thought to be superstitions… View Article

The organizational theory of concept

“The organizational theory of concept involves the dynamic interplay amoung individuals in organizations, teams and leadership behaviors, and the organization itself.”(Hellriegel & Slocum, 2004 PG. 29) The authors define a participative style of leadership as one the requires the leader to maintian two-way communication and to support followers in the use of their competencies. Ms…. View Article

The Theory of the Business

“The Theory of the Business” implies several studies conducted by in the defined area of business environment. Actually, the article is devoted to managerial problems and thus provides overview of the following topics: how to integrate the work and ensure its renewal, leadership functions and skills, new dimension of product design, how to extend profits… View Article

The Theory of Consumer Choice/Behavior

Introduction to Consumer Choice Since consumers’ wants are unlimited, and the resources available to satisfy them are limited, consumers constantly make choice between alternative wants. The society has to make a choice about the uses to which to commit the limited resources at its disposal, since the scarce means cannot satisfy all wants at the… View Article

Attribution Theory

No creature in this planet can exercise the faculty of reason as much as we human persons do. As rational beings, we normally engage in an array of activities which require critical thinking or thoughtful consideration. At least for those who are fortunate to be gifted with normal bodily functions, it is axiomatic to suppose… View Article

On Theory Integration

On Control Theory There are two founding tenets of control theory (Gottfredson and Hirschi,1990): all behavior, criminal or not, arises from the hedonistic tendency to seek pleasure and avoid pain; and the behavior may be criminal – or criminally analogous – when the actor is ‘insufficiently restrained’ from resorting to force or fraud in the… View Article

Theory And Implementation Of Remote Procedure Call

Introduction Definition Remote Procedure Call can be simply defined as a protocol or any programming interface which allows one program on a system to send the request and the required information to another program in some other system in a network. The second computer then executes the data and sends a reply back to the… View Article

Theory EOXY

Theory E Theory E rests on the necessity to increase economically the value of a company, and this is often reflected in increased shareholder value (Beer and Nohria, 2001). Often described as taking a “hard” approach to management, this theory describes the tendencies and actions of managers that seek to maximize profits for shareholders at… View Article

Theoretical Framework

Amongst the continued violence between Sudan government’s Army and Minnawi’s SLM/A, Minni Arcua Minnawi, was sworn as the senior assistant to Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir. This appointment was a result of the agreement that was signed by the SLM/A and the government in the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA).  The Darfur Peace Agreement was signed on… View Article

Theorist: Jeffrey C. Alexander

Jeffrey C. Alexander works in the areas of theory, culture, and politics.  He is a modern sociologist. One of the most significant theorist of sociology in the 20th century. He published a variety of papers and books. His papers appear not only in particulary sociological or scientific journals. Prof. Alexander also reviews the current events… View Article

Theories Definition

This essay discusses theory in a general perspective and some related concepts underpinning it. Kuhn is also presented as an example of an alternative theorist. Theories, according to Littlejohn (1992) are abstractions or frameworks for speculating, interpreting, guessing, understanding, evaluating, rationalizing, explaining or predicting complexity of phenomena, events, ideas, mathematical or logical discussions, human relations,… View Article

Theories of Causal Learning

In the article entitled “When Learning Order Affects Sensitivity to Base Rates: Challenges for theories of Causal Learning” written by Ulf-Dietrich Reips and Michael R. Waldmann, theories causal learning was put to test, more specifically the causal-model theory and the associative theories. With this, the causal-model theory “assumes that learners form a representation of causal… View Article

Scientific Theories

One of the major preoccupations of XX’s century scientific philosophers was the development of complex scientific theory explaining how science comes to be and how it works. Since 1900-s several basic theories have been proposed to explain science. This paper aims to provide an overview of those theories especially concentrating on ideas of scientific revolution… View Article

Theoretical Orientation

Theoretical orientation towards psychology is an important part of counseling. A counselor must excel in at least one of the orientations but must have substantial training in all of them. Aside from this when training future counselors it should also be noted that when preparing as counselors people should “develop their own personal model of… View Article

Theoretical Orientation Paper

(5 points) Why, in your opinion, are people the way they are? Essentially, what is your view of human nature?             Personality is more than poise, charm, or physical appearance. It includes habits, attitudes, and all the physical, emotional, social, religious and moral aspects that a person possesses. However, to be more precise, the explicit… View Article

Theoretical Eclecticism

The first article by Lazarus and Beutler (1993) argued for the viability of technical eclecticism to that of systematic eclecticism and eclecticism in general in the counseling profession. The article contrasted psychodynamic and behavioral therapy pointing out the differences in how the two theories treated a single case. Psychodynamic therapy is known for its focus… View Article

Theory VS Theoretical models

Theoretical models differ from theories in that models may be said to represent an earlier and less rigorously tested form of a full blown theory. A theoretical model may be defined as a description of the variables concerned with a given theory as well as the enumeration of the relationships that exist between and among… View Article

Theory That I find Most Appealing

Theories are constructed to help in explaining, predicting and mastering phenomena. They are made to be as general as they could be in order for a certain phenomena to fit in. But mostly, there is a great effort in depicting what is there in reality. Like how chemists uses theories to understand chemical reactions, how… View Article

Social Learning Theory

Abstract Social Learning Theory is a theory that has been used in addressing learning from the learning set up to criminal acquisition behavior. As much as the theory is not sufficient by itself, it has considerably succeeded to address the causes, prediction, prevention and the criminal justice system of criminal behaviors. This paper uses a… View Article


John, 12 years old, sits anxiously on his desk, waiting for Ms Terror to hand him the result of his math test. With hands in fervent prayer, he closes his eyes as Ms Terror lays the test paper on his table. A big red “F” screams to him the moment he opened his eyes. He… View Article

Trait Theories Behind Larceny

Larceny is an offense which pervades social classes. This crime is not committed only by the poor but even also the middle and upper class members of society. This paper will try to explain the causation theory behind larceny using and combining the biosocial trait theory, the nature-versus-nurture theory, and the differential association theory.            … View Article

Treasury Bills

INTRODUCTION Executive Summary Investment is the process of putting excess funds of an individual, groups or companies in ventures that will have better returns.  For the investment to be viable, a stream of benefits must be anticipated in future years.  Investment can either be a short term or long term.  The best investment option for… View Article

Veblen’s theory

Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption holds that when we evolved from Barbarians to a leisure class one of the means of showing the evolution was to flaunt the new materialism associated with the higher class. “At an earlier, but not the earliest, stage of barbarism, the leisure class is found in a less differentiated form…. View Article

The theory of Initial Ocean and atmosphere

In 1953 Stanley Miller put the atmosphere consisting of hydrogen, methane, ammonia and steam to the experiment with electricity discharges. At that some of the numerous amino acids forming albumen were generated. However he succeeded to get only four of twenty amino acids essential for any life-forms to appear. Even in fifty years scientists are… View Article

Species and Macroevolution

Natural Selection and Punctuated Equilibrium             The more popular Darwinian concept on gradual species evolution explains the emergence of new floral and faunal taxa due to natural selection. Its temporal reference is the geological timescale, wherein new phenotypes develop in response to unfavorable conditions in relatively long periods of time. It is the general thought… View Article

Plain View/Open Fields Case Study

In the case of the purse which was dropped by a suspect who had been running from the police officers, the plain view and the open field doctrines were both applicable. According to the law, the Plain View Doctrine is applied when a police officer comes upon a contraband which is in “plain view” in… View Article

Social Control Theory and Self-Control Theory

Social scientists have been trying to understand the factors contributing to delinquent behavior for a long time. It is important to know what forces in society cause delinquent behavior to limit its occurrence and protect the lives and property of people. Experts have tried to explain delinquent behavior from various standpoints, economic, social, and psychological…. View Article

An Analysis On Upper Echelon Theory

The Upper Echelon Theory links the attributes of firm performance and top management team members. Furthermore, this theory argues that the attributes of a certain person affect the attitudes and preferences of top members and the team dynamics. The theory suggests that the organizational outcomes are the result of the strategic choices that the managers… View Article