The World On A Turtle’s Back Essay

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The World On A Turtle’s Back

There’s this place called the Sky World, and there lives a man and his wife who is expecting a child.And there’s a tree in the center of the Sky World that no being is allowed to eat from.Don’t touch the tree, don’t eat from the tree, don’t pee on the tree, don’t look at the tree, don’t think about the tree! Well guess what? The wife is having her weird craving as most pregnant women do and she demands of her husband to get the tree’s roots so she can eat them.He’s like “But we not suppose to,” She like give it to me now so i can feed me and this baby.So he goes and starts digging up the tree roots and he breaks a hole in the sky and he like where did that come from and he runs away and his wife was like realy you gone leave me and your son behind what kind of husband are you.

You suppose to be by my side no matter what happens. Then she gets up and go stick her head in the hole and she see the sea. Then she falls in the hole and birds carry her on a turtle’s back she offers to plant the roots back that she got from the tree but, there’s no water on the big ball of water that we live on called Earth.So all the little animals start swimmin’ down to reach the bottom and find dirt but none of them can do it, and then the Muskrat is like “I can do it!”So he swims down down down, and doesn’t come back. Then his little drenched body floats to the top and he has dirt in his cold little pawns, and then the other animals perform CPR and he’s okay, and there was much rejoicing.

The World On A Turtle’s Back is a creation myth which means that is this story is a way to express the basic valuations of a religious community. Myths of creation refer to the process through which the world is created and given a definite from within the whole reality. Myths of creation have another distinctive character in that they provide the model for non mythic expression in the culture and the model for other cultural myths.The world as a structure of meaning and value has not appeared to all human civilization.

The turtle becomes the home for people,lands, and animals who ride on his back because the turtle is the only one who can swim in the vast ocean. The turtle symbolizes life and their interconnection of all living creatures and gods. Turtles were commonly seen animals in earlier times.Then the woman put the dirt on the turtles back and walked around it in the same way the sun goes around the earth and the dirt grows, until there is enough to plant the roots, which she does, and stuff grows, and then she has her baby and it’s a little girl. And the Mom and the Daughter walk around the dirt and then a random guy appears while her mother is doing swim aerobics, and the daughter the daughter sees him and faints.

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