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The World Has Changed for the Worse

No doubt, society is constantly changing and with the advancement of technology, people can now have a better quality of life. Just 30 years ago, we do not have most of the necessary components in existence for half of the things that are an integral part of our life today. While it may be true that these changes may have some adverse effects in our environment and social structure, it is, however, undeniable that technology has made our world a better place to live.

Technology has facilitated our communication and has given us more leisure time.

Many lives, which normally would not survive without the advancement in medical treatment, can now be artificially prolonged. Moreover, now more than ever, information has been readily available with the aid of the Internet. Books are no longer the main source to improve the understanding of a specific matter. Most universities, if not all, are equipped with computers to facilitate the students’ easy access to faster and reliable information.

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Indeed, the world has gotten so technology dependent that it could be the source of the society’s downfall better place to live.

Ready availability of relatively low cost air travel has enabled immigrant labor pools easy access to our labor markets. That is not a bad thing unless you are the American worker being displaced. Telecommunications and computers allow businesses to shift information-based services businesses offshore. This again costs Americans jobs.

Everything has its two sides, the good and the bad, including the Internet. We cannot think it too highly, neglecting the harmful influence or regard it useless because of the few evil effects.

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We need to see the case with a whole sight, and keep it in mind that we human beings create the Internet, so comes the bad. The bad is not inevitable if we want to prevent. And the good can even be better, if we never stop improving.

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The World Has Changed for the Worse

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