The Use of Stylistic Devices in Nothing Gold Can Stay, a Poem by Robert Frost

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The poem, Nothing Gold can stay by Robert Frost has a myriad of meanings that can be derived from a careful analysis of the themes and stylistic devices used by the author. Some of the examples that have been applied to inform the audience on various matters include Garden of Eden, sunrise, and spring blooms. The eight lines piece of literacy work resolves around the temporary nature of beauty and depicts that aesthetic values linked to a product are a factor of time.

The poem can be linked to modern-day activities such as the euphoria that comes as a result of winning a soccer game, an incredible experience that fades pretty fast. Robert Frost in the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay, uses stylistic devices to communicate various themes that are of particular importance to the audience in every cycle of human development.

The theme of transience is evident in the entire poem and the author makes every word count through the emphasis he places on this central subject.

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Robert Frost insists that the most valued things in this world often have a minimal longevity. The author alludes to spring blooms with an objective of getting this subject across and by so doing, the audience is left thinking about all parameters in the world that are so dear and transient. For example, the poet says that the greeneries of nature most attractive and that the Garden of Eden was the most valuable place to live. Nevertheless, neither of these pretty things survived the test of time.

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The word “gold” is strategically selected by the poet to symbolize all things that appear beautiful to the eye but are prone to deteriorate as a consequence of the inevitable bummer (time). The setting of the poem also speaks volumes on the theme of transience. Robert Frost places the audience strategically in the gold radiance of a spring sunrise while depicting that it is critical to comprehend that such beauty is only provisional. The poet mentions the Garden of Eden with an objective of creating a site that the audience can relate to the biblical paradise, with golden twigs of willow trees.

Robert Frost uses various stylistic devices to pass across the theme of man and the natural world. The setting and the subject of the poem are centered on the natural universe and the various types of valuable products, which are compared to gold, particularly the contentment, the peace, and the colors. The poet uses the biblical Garden of Eden, leaves, flowers, and sunrise as an imagery of nature and how it correlates to humanity. Robert Frost successfully uses nature as a metaphor since sense the poem is concerned about the human world and not the natural ecosystem. Nevertheless, when the audience first reads the poem, money pops out as the first thought, contrary to nature, which is the central subject of the literary work. For instance, the very mention of the word “gold” goes beyond the scope of an environment full of trees to finance, to the symbolism of the philosophy of value and wealth. The theme of man and the natural world is also passed across to the audience through the use of allusion, particularly the biblical Garden of Eden, which is used to create a setting with a beautiful environment with trees, a myriad of colors, and spring blooms.

Robert Frost uses allusion stylistic device to inform the audience on the theme of spirituality. Despite the fact that the Biblical Garden of Eden is alluded to in only a single line of the poem, its mention portrays various intents of the poet. The human complexity in the Garden makes the single line of the literary work capable of adding a myriad of meanings to the poem. In the context of the theme of spirituality, when Robert Frost says “nothing gold can stay” he is referring to human joy, innocence, and the blooms of the willow tree. Biblically, the Garden of Eden is depicted as a precocious environment with all that human beings require in order to be happy. Nevertheless, as a consequence of sin Adam and Eve were chased from the land that had pretty of flora and fauna at their disposal. In this regard, the fragility of goodness and innocence is depicted.

In conclusion, the poem, Nothing Gold can stay by Robert Frost has successfully used various stylistic devices to pass across themes that are of particular important to the audience in the modern day setting. Allusion, metaphor, and symbolism have dominated the eight lines piece of literacy work. The poet has alluded to the biblical Garden of Eden with an objective of informing the audience regarding the theme of spirituality. The word “Gold” has been used symbolically to represent the valuable goods in the universe. On the other hand, metaphor stylistic device has been applied to represent nature in the context of the human world. Ultimately, the poet has successfully integrated various stylistic devices to pass across the themes of man and the natural world, transience, and spirituality.

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