The Universal Themes of Bharati Mukherjee's Novel Jasmine

Bharti Mukherjee wrote a unique novel “Jasmine” and also the name of the narrator. This novel portrays a young Indian girl in a rural village in Hasnpur, India. She tells her story through a flashback, while she’s pregnant and widow in Iowa, with her lover, Bud Ripplemeyer. She also expresses all the struggles se went through; murders, rape, a suicide, and all the affairs she had. The universal themes that Mukherjee showed were rebirth and love. Throughout the novel, Jasmines identity changes along with her name from Jyoti to Jasmine.

Through each changes shows each rebirth, and new beginning she had, In each name an incident happened to her that was epici “Pitaji died in the hottest month”. When she was a Jyoti she had to deal with an incident where her father dies, especially in India, during the old times a family without a master (pitaji) was not good at alli Not having an older man in the house makes it harder for the family.

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Especially knowing that girl cannot work at all and knowing that her father is dead. Jyoti changes to jasmine when she got married and had a new begging of her life with her husband prakash Vijh. “Jyoti, you are jasmine now, you can’t jump in to wells!”. After her father died, she was married to a family she started a new begging in of her life Luckily, her soon to be husband did not ask for any dowry, Rebirth connects to this because she was just a little girl with a name Jyoti.

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But when her father died, she was quickly married to a stranger, and had to start a new beginning. When she got married she was not Jyoti anymore, but she is a wife with a bigger responsibility, harder tasks and a higher maturity level.

Another theme was love. After Jasmine’s husband died he had one wish and that is for her to fulfill his dreams to go to America. She did go, but with his ashes, so she can cremate him in the land of America, which he granted. When she reached America, she ended up with herself and the man who raped her. Jasmine still took the risk, knowing that she has nobody, not even a relative to depend on. The love she has for her husband was so strong that she took his dreams and made it hers, and fulfilling it with love, After she got raped she still was strong and was ready to move on. Also, this portrays that love is an emotion that a person would feel in his/her heart just like Jasmine did, She used that love and made it her strength to overcome the obstacle on the road. The cycle of rebirth is whatjasmine went through, not only once but more than once. It also relates to humans in reality, everyone are born once, dies once and come in a totally new form that we would not ever recognize, In reality we are in that cycle of birth, death and rebirth just like jasminei. A lot of girls face circumstances that damage them mentally, such as rape, abuse etc, some girls gives up and commits suicide, but, the other half are strong and goes in the process of rebirth, giving their self a new beginning, rebirtht Jasmine, risks her own identity, and was willing to make sacrifices for her husband. Now a day, teenagers misuse the emotion love. Because of teenagers misusing this sensitive emotion, all the juicy meaning behind love is now all gone. It also leads for others not to believe in love In the other hand an author like Bharti Mukherjee, gives love another meaning in which way that people can appreciate it.

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