The Strongest of My Multiple Intelligences

Multiple intelligences refers to the various ways in which one can express their intellectual ability. I can relate to several multiple intelligences but the strongest of these is the linguistic/verbal intelligence. According to Idpride. net, this type of intelligence refers to the ability to use language as well as words (LdPride, n. d. ). The site further explains that people with this intelligence have well developed listening skills as well as good speaking skills (LdPride, n. d. ).

In addition, the site says that such people think in terms of words and not in terms of pictures (LdPride, n.

d. ). According to infed. org, people with linguistic intelligence do demonstrate sensitivity to both written and spoken languages (Smith, 2008). The site further says that such people have the ability to use language to achieve particular goals as well as to remember information (Smith, 2008). Though majority of the descriptions do fit me perfectly, some do not fit me. The infed.

org perfectly describes me since I am very sensitive to language-I never fail to notice when one makes grammatical mistakes both in writing as well as in speaking.

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I also like to use language to express myself. For example when something big happens in my life, I do write down an account of it including my personal feelings and keep it. Ldpride. org also describes me perfectly especially when it says that such people have listening, writing, teaching as well as speaking skills (LdPride, n. d. ).

However, Ldpride. org does not describe me when it says that some of the skills such people possess include the ability to use humor and to remember information (LdPride, n.

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d. ). References LdPride. n. d. Multiple intelligence explained. Retrieved 11 August, 2010 from http://www. ldpride. net/learningstyles. MI. htm#Verbal/Linguistic%20Intelligence Smith, M. K. (2008). Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences and education. Retrieved 11 August, 2010 from http://www. infed. org/thinkers/gardner. htm

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The Strongest of My Multiple Intelligences

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