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The Rewards of Teaching

Knowledge is power. Therefore, passing on knowledge allows empowerment for students and for me that is unique to the field of teaching. The prospect of entering into a field where my actions and hard work can cause betterment for future generations is something that thoroughly excites me. My aim is to help instil confidence so that students can develop into integral parts of the community.

Through my work placement, I had the opportunity to assist teachers in classrooms, which was an enlightening experience.

I learnt to recognize and accommodate the different needs of students by modifying the way in which I explained certain concepts to them; consequently, I was able to promote a comfortable environment suited to their learning. Furthermore, I noticed how the teacher differentiated between the different abilities of students by giving them different challenges. My role included marking assessments, from which, I understood the importance of paying attention to detail. I also realised how much preparation was required in planning, printing and having the correct resources for the students.

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This honed my organisational skills as I ensured that lessons were adequately resourced, as instructed by the teacher. Versatility is key in teaching and being able to adapt to various abilities and skillsets has been vital to differentiate between the students ensuring they all feel valued regardless of their academic level.

My work experience has helped me to establish myself as a role model for students. My confident and caring nature has led to many students feeling less daunted within lessons, I have found this to be crucial in building upon a child’s natural inquisitiveness.

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Communicating with students and staff highlights that the school should be seen as a community in which togetherness is mandatory. Working within the classroom and utilising innovative practical resources led to students understanding difficult concepts such as fractions; the rewarding nature of passing on knowledge continually motivates me.

Currently, I serve as prefect and have been a science club assistant. As a perfect, I have worked alongside students and staff to ensure good behaviour and safety of students. As science club assistant, I have helped students to find excitement within science through experiments, ensuring a safe workplace has been a requisite here. My involvement has been recognised and led to further roles such as being chosen as an Open Day representative; being able to showcase the school to prospective students and parents is something I have thoroughly enjoyed.
Balancing schoolwork with employment at a local dessert parlour has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally whilst improving my time management skills. Cash handling and stocktaking are fundamental parts of my job, and setting targets and being goal orientated has been essential for me in progressing in both my employment and my schoolwork.

I know that work-life balance is necessary, especially within the challenging field of teaching. One way I like to relax is through my collection of Lego. I have also recently started an online sticker printing business. I have managed to create, print and advertise my own stickers, using my initiative and creativity. I feel many parallels can be drawn between customer and parent satisfaction. Hopefully, I will be able to use this experience of working with customers when dealing with parents and students as a teacher.

For me, teaching would be a career like no other; it would offer the opportunity for me to develop as an individual whilst watching students develop. I understand that teaching will provide an array of challenges and opportunities. I hope to use my experiences and skills to ensure successful outcomes within teaching on this rewarding journey.

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