Benefits of Raising Minimum Wage on Economy, Health and Life Quality

Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 will help the economy because when people are paid $15 an hour they can spend on more than just necessities. It can also help small businesses because people will have more money to afford to spend on restaurant food, things from different shops, and even entertainment. If the minimum wage is raised to $15.00 an hour it can improve people's health because people will be able to afford doctor and dentist visits.

It can also help people feel more motived to eat healthier and make healthy choices. Raising the minimum wage can also allow people to live longer because they can buy more than just the necessities. They can invest in their future. Raising the minimum wageto $15.00 will help the economy, it will help people with their overall health, and it will allow people to live longer.

Raising the minimum wage will help the economy by allowing the people who are now paid $7.25 an hour to buy more than just necessities if they are paid an hour.

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People will be able to invest in making purchases like cars, houses, and entertainment. The problem is people now are barely getting paid enough to get only the necessities. People need more than just necessities to live comfortably. It can also help businesses by increasing customer consummation of products from small and large businesses.

In the article titled Florida Gets it Right: Raising The Minimum Wage "Since poorly paid workers spend almost all their income on basic necessities, the study predicted, a boost in consumer spending that would have a ripple effect across Florida's economy.

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(Peter, Atlas, John, Candele, Kelly, Dreier,) Businesses that employ mainly minimum wageworkers disagree. Florida's business community-especially it's large restaurant and tourism industry-mounted an expensive counteroffensive.” (Peter, Atlas, John, Candele, Kelly, Dreier,) The effect on small and large businesses will be to be more profitable because more people will be to afford to buy their food, products, and yes entertainment.

Raising the minimum wage can help improve health by being able to buy more than just the necessities this can play a big role in a person's health. If people are paid $15.00 an hour rather than $7.25 an hour people will be able to go to the doctor and dentist more often. People getting paid $15.00 will also be able to afford health insurance if their employer hasn't already provided health insurance to the employees. It is also very important to parents because it can negatively affect the parents and children, mentally, and physically. People who are being paid $7.25 an hour have to work 3 or 4 jobs just to make a decent living for themselves and their family.

People who work for minimum wage won't be able to spend time with their family and get time to relax and recover because they'll be working day and night to support their family. In the article titled Could Raising the Minimum Wage Improve the Public's Health? "Pregnancies occur within nine months, and a woman's financial, physiological, and psychological well-being could plausibly be affected by an increase in her or her partner's wage within the same year." (Ilan H. Meyer)

Raising the minimum wage can help people live longer because people can make healthier choices. People with cancer are a great example, if these people were paid $7.25 rather than $15.00 an hour they wouldn't be able to afford regular treatments and doctor visits. Thus people would have more premature deaths compared to people who already make $15.00 an hour. One of the reasons why people are more obese now is because people who are getting paid $7.25 really don't have a lot of choices on what they eat because healthier foods are more expensive and junk food is cheaper.

So instead of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and even fresh breads they are forced to eat junk food like fast food, potato chips, frozen, processed, and canned foods. Unfortunately the human body does not process junk food the same way it processes fresh healthy foods so it takes more junk food to make the body feel full which causes high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart attack or stroke which also can cause premature death.

In the article Estimating Potential Reductions in Premature Mortality in New York City From Raising The Minimum wage to $15.00 “As research on income and health consistently demonstrates that lower income and poverty are associated with worse health outcomes and earlier death. (Tsu-Yu Tsao, PhD, Kevin J. Konty, MS, MA, Gretchen Van Wye, PhD, MA, Oxiris Barot, MD, James L. Hadler, MD MPH, Natalia Linos, ScD, and Mary T. Bassett, MD, MPH) “effects of minimum wage increase on the percentage of families with low income to generate overall estimates of the effects of the wage increase on mortality Tsao et al. produce some eye-popping findings the $15 minimum wage would reduce premature deaths from 2800 to 5500 over five years." (Sandro Galea, MD, DPH, Roger Vaughan, DrPH, MS Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 will help the economy by bring in more business. It will also help people live healthier because they can get fresh foods, go to the doctor and the dentist as often as they more often. It will allow people to live longer and reduce premature deaths. They can invest in their future by being able to save money, budget to buy a car or home, and save for retirement.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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