The people centric approach and the post bureaucracy approach in business

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During the scope of the past few decades the management theories have changed a lot, yet the classical management approaches are still in use with some institutions. However the question: what is the best approach to overcome the disadvantages of the classic management methods?, still remains a question where different business adopts different management theories. This report is to highlight the different approaches that can be used to put an end to the out dated classical management methods. Furthermore two management approaches namely: People centric and post bureaucracy management approaches will be more emphasized giving more details on how these approaches have changed the management outlook of the business today.

This report will also define and explain these management theories and how they defer with each other. The main focus of this report is to discuss how people centric approach and the post bureaucracy approach would enhance the contemporary businesses. Finally the report would be more in favor with people centric approach to justify and conclude that it is the ideal approach to overcome the limitations of the classic management approaches adopted in the businesses.

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Main Body

Before we proceed with the question it is important to define and explain the main terms that would be used in this report. Classical management theory is a management theory in which the physical and the economic aspects of the employees are more concerned than the psychological, emotional and social job satisfaction of them (Anon., 2019). This theory was developed in the 19th century by Frederic Taylor.

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According to (Terry, 2018) this approach, if carefully implemented, is good for small business and such businesses like factories. Classical approach too has many advantages for the business management although this approach, now a days, are outdated. This theory enhances a better working condition aimed at increasing the productivity and has a firm management structure. It helps to grow the good relation between the labors and the management (Terry, 2018). Division of labor is a features of classical approach where labors are mainly motivated by money and the decision making is much centralized (Russ, 2019).

According to (Clegg et al. 2011) a bureaucracy is a systematic organizational structure that is hierarchical and rigid which focusses on centralized power. Post-bureaucracy is based on trust, empowerment, and personal treatment and shared responsibility. But this brings its own problems in terms of loss of control, risk and unfairness.


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The people centric approach and the post bureaucracy approach in business
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