The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow and his counterparts defined the true meaning of Rock music and will not be forgotten in a hurry in the music industry. Barry graced the big screens in the early 60s and mesmerized everyone with his distinctive and unique style of music. He was a man for all in the industry, producing and arranging songs for musicians, films, corporations and himself as well. A greater percentage of his songs went platinum and till date, bring calm feelings of nostalgia to its listeners.

Manilow will always be remembered for songs like; ‘Can’t Smile Without You’, ‘Mandy’ ‘Copacabana’ and many more. There is so much to know about the legendary musician apart from his on-screen endeavors. In the bid to find out more about the unique talent, several questions have been raised. To dwell on these questions would mean to dig deep into the life of the artist. Starting with the frequently asked questions

Who Is Barry Manilow? How Old Is He?

He was born Barry Alan Pincus on June 17, 1943, to his parents Edna Manilow and Harold Pincus, in Brooklyn, New York.

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Barry attended Easter District High school in Williamsburg Brooklyn, where he grew up. After his high school, he proceeded to City College of New York to further his studies. Being raised in a religious home did not deter him from pursuing his dreams. He spent a short time at City College and then enrolled at the New York College of music, and did small jobs to cater for his fees.

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Barry kicked off his career with an arrangement of songs for melodrama ‘The Drunkard’. The mix which impressed CBS director was used in the Off-Broadway musical. In 1967, the singer was made the musical director for CBS network and wrote and arranged lots of radio and television jingles. He worked with Bette Midler whom he helped with some productions for her releases before he released his debut album 'Barry Manilow’ in 1973. While he remixed the first album, he also released his second ‘Barry Manilow II’. His third album ‘Tryin to Get the Feeling’, came in 1975. The following year, he released his fourth album ‘This One’s For You’.

While he worked on these albums, he also made appearances in Television productions as well as produced, for the ABC network. The popular ‘The Barry Manilow Special’ was one of the shows he worked on. Manilow released ‘Even Now’, his fifth studio album in 1978, and reached the platinum level. The following year, he produced an album ‘Dionne’ for Dionne Warwick. Before then, his song ‘Ready to Take a Chnace Again’ was already making waves upon its release, and it earned him a nomiantiion at the Oscars after it was featured in the movie ‘Foul Play’.

The legendary singer released his eleventh studio album ‘Barry Live in Britain’ in 1982. It was a live record performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. In 1989, Manilow starred in the popular CBS show ‘Copacabna’ as the lead character 'Tony Star'. 1989 was the year his sixth self titled album ‘Barry Manilow’ was released and it was a huge success. The rock singer graced the 90s with series of albums most of which went platinum and left an indelible impact in the industry. Some of these albums were released between 1991 and 1998. They included ‘Singin with the Big Bands', 'Summer of 78’ and many others. The 2000s were even better; Manilow released top notch albums like; 'Ultimate Manilow’, 'Scores: Songs from Copacabana & Harmony', ‘2 Nights Live!’, and others, between 2002 and 2006. In 2007, he relelased ‘Barry Manilow: Songs from the Seventies’

What Is His Net Worth

There’s no need guessing if the legendary singer is doing well financially. Barry is swimming in a deep pool of enviable wealth and has his distinctive talent to thank for it. The singer sits on a net worth estimated at $100 million which is quite deserving for a man of his caliber. Manilow sold up to 80 million records during his active days and still gets huge income from his early albums. Building a sustainable finance for himself, Barry whose legacy is all-encompassing will keep earning even after his death.

Barry Manilow and Garry Kief

The above question found its way to the contemporary media in 2014, following rumors that Barry Manilow was in a relationship with a man. This was after it was speculated that he was dating TV executive Garry Kief. The rumors were close to confirmation when news of their same-sex marriage broke in 2015. However, the couple kept mute about it all. Barry after years of hiding (since 1978), came out as gay in 2017 confirming to all rumors and speculations about Garry as true to People Magazine.

Before Kief; was a woman, Susan Deixler, Manilow’s high school sweetheart. Barry married Susan in 1964 after they could not wait any longer to seal their love. However, Barry’s burning passion for music got in the way of their love and Susan had to anull the marriage in 1966. Manilow’s friemds had advised him against the marriage, citing his immaturity as well as his music career as valid reasons. Barry confesses that he was still in love with Susan even while he had a same-sex relationship.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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