Short Biography Of Jordan Smith – an American Singer, Songwriter, And Musician

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Jordan Smith rose to fame following a whirlwind performance at the ninth season of The Voice singing competition in 2015. The singer and songwriter broke a long-standing record by emerging as the first artist on the show to see his songs peak number one in iTunes Store. Smith started out like every other up and coming singer hoping to make it on a bigger platform. He made his way to The Voice and started from the Blind Auditions to wow the distinguished coaches.

Jordan sang his way to the top 20, eventually winning the competition after knocking out his vibrant contenders. Smith became a household name after his victory in the competition and was also discussed on various media platforms. His prominence in the industry also gave rise to several questions regarding his personal life and other endeavors of his.

Who is Jordan Smith?

He was born on November 4, 1993, to his parents in Kentucky. Smith started from a very young age to exhibit an inclination towards music.

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He would be made to join the choir at the congregation of House of Mercy in Wallins Creek, Kentucky where his voice was further sharpened. Jordan attended Harlan County High School after which he proceeded to Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Jordan Smith stole the hearts of the judges at the audition of the ninth season of The Voice with a mesmerizing rendition of Chandelier by Sia. After receiving four turns from all coaches he chose the team led by Adam Levine.

Smith was on fire during the live shows.

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In the second week of the show, he greeted the audience with a rare rendition of the song ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’. He was shot to popularity after the rendition which he started out with an a cappella and finished off with a piano. The song peaked number one on iTunes store and also made its way to the Billboard charts. After an interesting journey, he finished off the competition with 'Mary Did You Know' for the final stage and it again took iTunes Store by storm knocking out ‘Hello’ by Adele. Smith won the competition and earned a whopping $100,000 and a recording contract with Republic Records.

Net Worth

Smith rose to fame after a sizzling hit performance in The Voice and is going places in the competitive entertainment industry. The Kentucky singer sits on a net worth estimated at $1.2 million and has his The Voice stint to thank for it.

His The Voice videos have the most views and his songs on the platform raised his financial status having made waves on several platforms. Per analysis, this amount could become a trifling figure to the singer in a few years given his determination and tenacity.


He was born to Kelley Smith his father and Geri Smith his mother. It must have been a matter of heredity for the golden voice whose parents are also musicians. Seeing the hidden talent in their son they made him join the church choir. Smith gradually developed this talent and learned how to use it. He was part of the Lee Singers at Cleveland University.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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