The Monkey's Paw Literary Response

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The short story, The Monkey's Paw, was a cooling novel about the White household (Mr. White, Mrs. White, Herbert )and how they used a talisman to alter there fate, but not for what they had wished for. The author introduces this story on a cold, wet night which gives a suspensful feeling to the unique in the beginning hand. While the White's are hanging around together in a little parlor, they get a check out from Mr. White's old good friend, sergeant Significant Morris.

One major aspect W.W Jacobs represents is foreshadowing. Of the characters, the author uses Significant Morris the most to foreshadow the events that might occur later in the novel.

While Major Morris is checking out, Mr. White asks him to resume informing the tale of a monkey's paw, but the sergeant appeared reluctant to do so. He likewise specified "Leastways absolutely nothing worth hearing." With this statement, you can infer that for some factor Significant Morris did not want to tell the story.

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The household ended up being more curious. Ultimately he gave up and started informing the tale.

Major Morris pulled a dried up monkey's paw out of his pocket. He stated that an old fakir put a curse upon the paw which enabled it to approve 3 dreams. This curse was utilized to show a point that fate manages individuals's lives and that one's self should not attempt to change their fate or there would be harsh repercussions. Major Morris said he was granted 3 dreams himself and likewise understood of another guy who utilized the monkey's paw.

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He said that he didn't know the mans initially 2 desires but he did know his last desire was for death. This foreshadows that the monkey's paw can quickly be the down fall of a person.

As Significant Morris continued, he said he did not desire the paw to trigger anymore harm so he threw the paw in the fire. Mr. White conserved the paw since he was still curious. The sergeant warned him a couple times but finally described how to wish upon the paw. The family joked about the talisman and wanted 2 hundred pounds in a sarcastic manor. The next day a stranger delivered news that their boy Herbert had passed away in a mishap at his job. The stranger provided the White's 2 hundred pounds as payment, similar to they had wished for.

They then jumped to the conclusion that the talisman must have magic powers. Weeks later Mrs. forced Mr. White to wish Herbert back to life . When he does so , there was a knock at the door and Mrs. White scurried to the door. Mr. White realized that if he did not do something fast , the situation would get really ugly , so he made his final wish before his wife could reach the door . Mrs. White opened the door but no one was to be found .

All in all , the author potrayed suspense and foreshadowing with the use of Major Morris, the history of the talisman , and events in the novel. Major Morris warned the White's of the abilities of the monkey's paw. The family did not listen, and wished for an unnecessary two hundred pounds which they did not need but when they recieved the compensation for Herbert's death , they believed it right away. This proves that the old fakir was right when he said fate controls people's lives and that if one's self should try to change their fate , their would be consequences. In the end, the White's caused the loss of their own son by trying to change their fate.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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